Author: Yaniv Dornbush

Eilat Ramon Airport: The Complete Guide

On January 21st a history was made: Ramon Airport opened its gates and became the newest, most modern international airport in Israel. Ramon Airport ETM…

11 of the Best Beaches in Eilat

You can’t travel to Eilat without visiting at least one of its beaches. There’s only 14 km of beaches, but they are all unique. Dive with dolphins, relax under the sun, and have a drink at the best beaches in Eilat

Discover the Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Looking for the best restaurants in Tel Aviv? The city which never sleeps is home to outstanding restaurants with stunning dishes. Whether you’re local, a first-time tourist or a returning visitor – all of these restaurants worth reserving a table

Discover the Best Restaurants in Eilat

Discover the best restaurants in Eilat and make your vacation even better. Here’s where to have a stunning breakfast or dinner and where to grab a drink. Forget about your diet plans, it’s time to stuff your belly!

Flight Deals to Exotic Destinations for 2019

Discover the lowest prices and best flight deals to exotic destinations from Israel. We will show the best travel deals to exotic holiday destinations around the globe. Bangkok, Rio De Janeiro, Hanoi, and Havana are only the tip of the iceberg!

Flight Deals to Europe for 2019

Looking for the latest flight deals to Europe? Save money on your next vacation and see the best airfare deals on Skyscanner. Visit popular cities from London to Paris or explore new destinations from Lisbon to Tbilisi, everything is a short flight away!

Flight Deals to USA for 2019

We have some amazing flight deals to USA for 2019 from Israel for you! Explore the most popular cities from New York to Los Angeles or discover new destinations from Washington to Seattle without paying a fortune on flight tickets. Ready, set, pack!

Flight Tracker: how to check your flight status in real time

How to use Flight Tracker 1. Sign up for Trips on Skyscanner app To start using the Flight Tracker feature, you’ll need to install the…

Save money: All you need to know about how to maximize easyJet cabin baggage allowance

Low-cost airline fees can be tricky when it comes to cabin baggage; here is the Skyscanner guide with the most updated restrictions of easyJet cabin baggage, plus valuable tips on how to avoid paying baggage fees at the airport: