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Where to rent a car in Tel Aviv

Whether you need a car for a short drive in the city or planning a weekend trip to other parts of Israel, here at Skyscanner Israel, we can connect you to the best car rental companies and give you excellent offers. You’ll see offers from international car rental in Tel Aviv companies such as Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, National, Sixt, as well as local companies such as Eldan Car Rental, Tamir Car Rental, Cal-Auto, and others. Thanks to our partnerships with top car rental brokers, we’ll be able to offer you dozens of pick-up locations all over the city. You can pick up and drop off your car in the south of the city, in the city center, at Hayarkon street by the seashore, in the north of the city near Sde Dov and other convenient pickup locations.

Gas stations in Tel Aviv

More than 25 gas stations operate in Tel Aviv. It will make your car rental in Tel Aviv drop off very easy If you select a “full to full” agreement. Many of these stations are open 24 hours a day, some of them are open also on Saturdays and national holidays.

What to explore in Tel Aviv

Catch the sun on one of Tel Aviv’s stunning beaches. The white city has 10 km of beaches, why not driving from one to another and experience as many as you can? Spend some time at the charming Tel Aviv port or drive to the museums such as Israel Museum or Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Booking a car rental in Tel Aviv will make it easier to travel between these places.

The main roads connecting different parts of the center of the city are Eben Gabirol (most people call it “Even Gvirol”), Ben Yehuda, and Dizengoff street. Other main streets include Frischman, Bugrashov, Shaul Hamelech, and King George. The main roads from Tel Aviv to its neighboring cities as well as other parts of Israel are Road 1, Road 2, and Road 5. Road 1 connects Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea; Road 2 connects it to Haifa, and Road 5 connects it to Ariel. Road 20 is known as “Ayalon Road,” connecting Tel Aviv with Gush Dan and Hasharon cities.

Parking in Tel Aviv

Parking in Tel Aviv is possible if you know where to park, how the color and zone system works, and are prepared to pay. When you choose to reserve a car rental in Tel Aviv, you should look at the colors of the sidewalks: Gray means that parking is allowed under the restrictions listed on parking signs located at the beginning of the street. Red & white stripes – parking is prohibited. Red & gray stripes – parking depends on information provided on parking signs located at the beginning of the street. Blue & white stripes for non-residents – paid parking is allowed between 9:00-17:00 under the restrictions listed on parking signs located at the beginning of the street. Between the hours 17:00-09:00 parking is prohibited unless parking signs located at the beginning of the street indicate otherwise. On several roads in Tel Aviv-Yafo parking is not permitted 24/7 to non-city residents.

The Tel Aviv Municipality runs many parking lots in Tel Aviv, and it may be simpler to park rented cars in one of them. The fee ranges depending on location. Most lots charge an hourly rate until 16:00, after that there is a flat evening and night rate. Look for Habima Theater parking lot, Dizengoff Center, many of the beaches also have parking lots.

Day trips from Tel Aviv with a car

Jerusalem ירושלים

The holy city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Jerusalem has many religious places of interest including the Western Wall, The Dome of Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The old and new city are steeped in culture and art and is home to one of the biggest museums, The Israel Museum that covers over 80 dunams and exhibits some of the world’s best art and archaeology. Other must visit places include Yad Vashem, David’s Tower, and the Austrian Hospice. Jerusalem is about 67 km from Tel Aviv. When you book a car rental in Tel Aviv the drive takes about an hour via route 1. Parking cards must be purchased for inner city parking. You can buy it from street kiosks, gas stations and post offices. Make sure to park only in designated areas to avoid fines. Prefer to rent a car in Jerusalem? No problems, we have cheap car rental in Jerusalem too!

Haifa חיפה

Haifa is about 93 km from the city, and it takes about an hour and 20 minutes of driving when you have a car rental in Tel Aviv. The largest city of the north has many activities to offer. Take in the stunning view from the Louis Promenade across the Port of Haifa heading north right across into the Western Galilee. Check out Hof Hacarmel, Haifa’s beaches. Don’t miss the Baha'i Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Haifa’s German Colony is at the bottom of the gardens, with its restored Templar buildings. The main street of the German Colony runs directly from the bottom of the gardens towards the coast and is lined with restaurants and cafes. Parking meters are available, you may find coin-operated parking meters around the city.

The Dead Sea ים המלח

When you reserve a car rental in Tel Aviv, you can easily access further destinations such as the Dead Sea. Some public beaches are open along the shores of the Dead Sea. The Popular beaches include Ein Gedi Beach and the beach at the Ein Bokek resort. Some beaches charge an entry fee. You can also visit Masada (מצדה) and Ein Gedi (עין גדי). The distance between Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea is approximately 160 km. If you want to spend a night or two in the area, check the deals on Skyscanner Hotels.

This information is correct as of October 2018

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