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Search cheap flights, hotels and car rental all in one place with our 3-in-1 travel app. We've made finding vacation deals even easier with new features meaning you can book travel hassle-free. Plus, there are no booking fees or hidden charges, just the best price on flights, hotels and car rental.

New Features

  • Find the best prices for weekend breaks and summer vacations with our top deals feature
  • Find the best time to travel with our colour coded calendar to see the cheapest date to travel
  • Save time with hotel and car rental searches synchronized automatically with your flights
  • Get informed when flight prices change with Price Alerts
  • For inspiration on last minute vacations search Everywhere
  • Save time with our recent searches feature so you can pick up where you left off
  • Be confident wtih your choice using our ratings on flight duration, stops and price

Book your whole vacation

  • Now you can book your whole trip in one app.
  • Compare great hotel deals from hundreds of thousands of hotels, resorts, apartments and hostels.
  • Need car rental? Search the world’s car rental companies in seconds.
  • Choose from 30,000 airport or city locations, then filter by vehicle type, fuel type and features to find the car you want at the right price.