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Summer Break Deals for 2020

Looking to escape the heat and humidity of the summer of Tel Aviv? Turn on the A/C, and we’ll show you how to find the lowest prices for the highest temperatures

While Covid-19 has hindered a lot of travel plans, we hope our travel content can continue to provide you with inspiration for your future journeys—so when this does pass, you’ll be ready to get back out into the world.

You all know these dates: every year on the 20th of June (or 1st of July for the young ones) it begins, Summer Break – החופש הגדול! The temperatures are rising, the humidity, especially in Tel Aviv, is out of control, and the thought of leaving the air conditioner can melt your brain. What could be a better time than these hot months to pack up your luggage and travel the world?

Many of you are probably terrified when thinking about traveling in the hottest months of the year. Since the kids are off and many parents take some holidays too, cheap flights are hard to find, right? Well… kind of, but not when you search with Skyscanner. Yes, booking flights in February when Europe is freezing will probably be cheaper, but on this page, we will show you excellent summer break deals. 

High Temperatures – Low Prices

Since the dates of the beginning and end of summer break are known and stay pretty much the same every year, we recommend to prepare ahead and book flights well in advance.

But Here on Skyscanner Israel, you can find amazing last-minute deals too. It doesn’t matter when you are searching for those deals, we’ll show you the cheapest flights we have seen online. 

Summer Break Deals

How to find cheap summer break deals on Skyscanner?

1. Search ‘Everywhere’ 🌍

Type in the airport from which you are departing. It can be Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion – TLV), Eilat (Ramon – ETM), or Haifa (HFA). Instead of selecting a destination, choose ‘everywhere.’ We’ll show you cheap flights from Israel to any possible destination, from the cheapest one to the most expensive, in that order. 

2. Search “whole month” 📅

You can either type in specific dates or search “whole month,” for example, July or August, to find the best summer break deals. 

Tip: if you are not limited for the summer months only, you can find even cheaper flights with our “cheapest month” feature. Here’s how

3. Choose your destination ✈️

Hit the Search Flights button and start planning your trip! We’ll show you a list of destinations by country, starting with the lowest tickets that we have found on the web. Click on the down-arrow, and we’ll show you all the airports in that country. Select your destination and start packing! 

Tip: Need some ideas for where to go? Here are our Top Underrated Summer Destinations

4. Sign Up for Price Alerts to Follow summer break deals 💸

Not ready to back yet? Click the Get Price Alerts button to create alerts. Ticket prices change all the time. We can’t prevent it, but we can notify you when it happens. Log in or sign up so we can finish setting up an alert for your trip. 

Use Price Alert to find the best Summer Break Deals
Use Price Alert to find the best Summer Break Deals

Find summer break deals to a destination that you had visited before, or discover a brand new city with the whole family. Travel to a country that offers beaches and lakes, or pick one that has lower temperatures where you can escape from the Mediterranean heat – you decide! 

Have you found cheap summer break deals? Awesome! Now you can also pick a hotel room and get fantastic offers on Car Rental. Just remember, Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport is packed with many other travelers that have found cheap flights with us, so do your best to arrive three hours before departure to avoid the long lines. 

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