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Deals on flights to Europe

With dozens of countries and hundreds of destinations, finding great deals and cheap flights to Europe is an easy task. You can even find cheap flights from Israel and low cost flights to Europe for well below $150 round-trip! Ready, Set, Pack!


With around 50 independent countries, from the largest one Russia and the microstate of the Vatican City, Europe has a vast number of destinations, cities, and attractions to offer. Until not so long ago, cheap flights from Israel to Europe were hard to get. You had to contact your travel agent or visit a travel agency and start looking for dates with cheap flights to Europe. What we used to call “cheap” back then was far more expensive compared to the prices we can offer you here today.

On Skyscanner Israel, you can find bargain low Europe deals without leaving your home or office. We can show you the best deals to Europe thanks to the low-cost airlines’ revolution and the Open-Sky policy. In just a few clicks you can book cheap flights to Europe and start planning your next vacation or business trip.

Are you a flexible traveler and not set on specific dates? Great! You can find here cheap flights to Europe for prices you have never seen before. Round-trip tickets to cities like Burgas, Sofia, Athens, Gdansk, Paphos, Budapest, and more for $50-$99. That’s cheaper than domestic flights to Eilat! Low cost flights to Europe can be found year-round, especially if you search in advance. Read our Best Time To Book article and see when you can find low cost flights to Europe.

Cheap flights to Europe – less than $100 round-trip!

Here’s a great way to find cheap flights from Israel. Go to Skyscanner Israel homepage, or to the search box above. Click on “Map” on the top right side of the page. Select when do you want to find cheap flights to Europe and the maximum price. Hover with the mouse over the green dots and find amazingly cheap Europe deals.

You can find deals on flights to Europe for less than $150 to Geneva, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and many other destinations. Choose a city that you had visited before and would love visit again, or discover a brand new destination where you’ve never been before. Click on the desired destination, and we’ll take you to our partners that offer best deals to Europe.

Search Everywhere and Find Low Cost Flights to Europe

You can also search “Everywhere.” In the field “to” enter your desired destination, or if you want to be inspired, simply enter the words “Everywhere.” Now enter your travel dates: date of arrival and departure, number of travelers, etc. Instead of specifying exact dates, click “whole month” and select the desired month. Choose a month or select “cheapest month” to discover cheap flights to Europe.

Search Everywhere and find cheap flights from Israel

Cheap Flights From Israel: Pay Attention to the Hand Luggage Policy

If you have booked cheap flights to Europe operated by low-cost airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair, or Wizz Air, read the airline’s hand luggage policy carefully and try to pack everything in your carry-on bag. Some traditional airlines offer “light” tickets with hand luggage only. Adding checked baggage can increase the price significantly as some airlines allow only 7 kg, and others, like easyJet, have just size limit but no weight restrictions. 

Beat easyJet cabin baggage allowance and save money

Ryanair new cabin baggage allowance and policy

Find Cheap Flights to Europe with Price Alerts

Didn’t find what you’ve been looking for yet? Come back tomorrow or in a couple of days. We update this page regularly and show you the best we’ve seen online in the past 24 hours, so bookmark this page and save it in your favorites.

You can also set up a price alert, and we will drop you a line whenever the prices change. Click on “Get Price Alerts” on the right side of the search results page, and we will guide you through the registration. This service is entirely free, and you can change the alerts or unsubscribe whenever you want.

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Best Time To Book Cheap Flights

12 weeks, 26 weeks, or only one week? All you need to know on how long in advance you should book cheap flights to your favorite destination.