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Exotic Destinations: Best Flight Deals for 2020

We will show you the best travel deals to exotic holiday destinations around the globe. Bangkok, Rio De Janeiro, Hanoi, and Havana are only the tip of the iceberg!

Top Flight Deals to Exotic Destinations from Israel

When we think of flights to exotic destinations, we think of long, expensive flights. Of course, nothing can compete with the prices of low-cost airlines to Europe, but we can find you some awesome deals for less than you think. There are many reasons to visit a far-away country, the prices you’ll find on Skyscanner will give you another one.

1. Bangkok, Thailand – בנגקוק, תאילנד

Flight deals to exotic destinations: Bangkok
Visit Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is full of contrasts that harmoniously combines tradition with modern life. Bangkok offers its visitors traditional temples on the one hand and glittering skyscrapers and design shopping malls on the other. The main attractions in Bangkok include the Grand Palace, which is the most famous attraction of the city, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun with the impressive Kmer Towers, Jim Thompson House, Khaosan Road, and Lumphini Park. Shopping in Bangkok is just a fantastic experience. From Chatuchak Weekend Market to the quirky shops of MBK, there are plenty of shopping options for prices you can’t even imagine in Israel. 

Bangkok at night
Bangkok at night

When you search for flight deals to exotic destinations, Bangkok is a city that offers an unexpected, vibrant nightlife scene. You’ll find in Bangkok many trendy cocktail bars and places to grab a drink or two. Sky Bar would be an excellent start for the evening. If you are looking for a very cheesy experience, go to the bars of Soi Cowboy. Go to Khao San Street, with bars where locals and tourists have fun together. When you travel back to your hotel room, get into the city’s characteristic taxis, the famous “tuk-tuk”. 

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2. Buenos Aires, Argentina – בואנוס איירס, ארגנטינה

La Boca in Buenos Aires
La Boca in Buenos Aires

One of the top offers for travelers who are looking for flight deals to exotic destinations is Buenos Aires. One trip is usually not enough to see everything in this stunning city, but what you’ll see will trigger your appetite for the next trip. Visit the chic neighborhood of Palermo in the north of the city. This area is divided into three parts: Alto Palermo, Palermo Chico, and Palermo Viejo. At Alto Palermo, you’ll find many of the city’s museums and parks. Don’t skip the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden when you go there. Visit the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA) in Palermo Chico. Look for the extravagant mansions hidden behind the museum. This stunning spot is often overlooked by tourists. 

Flight deals to exotic destinations: Buenos Aires
Find flight deals to Buenos Aires

When you want to get the essence of the locals in Buenos Aires, go to Palermo Viejo. Make space in your schedule for Recoleta Cemetery, located in the Recoleta neighborhood, where you can find the resting place of many famous political figures and elites in Argentine history. Buenos Aires is perfect for those looking for flight deals to exotic destinations with the whole family too. Your kids would love the Children’s Museum – Museo de Los Niños. When it comes to food and drinks, you’d feel like all you want to do is restaurant-hopping, and eat until you explode. You can’t even count the places that offer juicy Argentinian steaks, accompanied by wines with the flavors of the country, or local craft beers.

3. Cancun, Mexico – קנקון, מקסיקו

Flight deals to exotic destinations: Cancun
Cancun. An exotic paradise

If you are looking for flight deals to exotic destinations where you can find picture-perfect beaches, Cancun is the place for you. In Cancun, you will find vibrant colors of the natural landscape, ancient Mayan ruins, and all-inclusive resorts with out-of-this-world hospitality standards, which make it an attractive exotic holiday destination. The biggest attraction in Cancun is naturally its beaches and watersports. Snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving are just to name a few options for a fun day on the beach. Alternatively, you can swim with dolphins and spot sea turtles at Xcaret ecological park.

If you are looking for a different kind of adventure, climb Cobá’s 1,500-year-old Nohuch Mul, the Yucatán’s tallest pyramid. Most travelers choose to stay in the famed hotel zone, but there are also accommodation options in downtown Cancun. Visit the fascinating Mayan historical site of Tulum, El Rey, and Yamil Lu’um. For shopping and dining, go to La Isla Shopping Village. 

4. Hong Kong – הונג קונג

The skyline on Hong Kong
The skyline on Hong Kong

The soaring skyline of Hong Kong contrasts with the quiet beaches and rolling hills that overlook the harbor in one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Victoria Peak, the city’s most famous attraction, is definitely a “must-do.” Rising over 550 meters above sea level, the views will take your breath away. Reach the top of the peak with the Peak Tram, the world’s steepest funicular railway. Don’t skip the experience of shopping at the local markets in Hong Kong. Ladies’ Market has more than 100 stalls selling clothing and accessories, while at Temple Street Night Market, you can find everything from noodles to watches. Other markets worth your time are Cat Street for its antiques and Apliu Street for electronics. There are markets dedicated to sneakers, flowers, goldfish, birds, and kitchenware. 

Flights to exotic destinations: Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Some historical temples pre-date the British occupation are another city’s attraction. On Lantau Island, you can find the Tian Tan Buddha, a 202-ton statue. The city parks are perfect for a relaxed afternoon, the beaches are perfect for escaping from the noises of the city, and the rooftop bars offer some stunning cocktails. There are several Michelin-starred restaurants, but there’s nothing like Tim Ho Wan restaurant, one of the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. They specialize in dim sum – an assortment of bite-sized Chinese delicacies usually eaten at lunch or breakfast. You can get here baked BBQ pork buns, their most famous dish, at the equivalent of ₪20!

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5. Colombo, Sri Lanka – קולומבו, סרי לנקה

Colorful Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colorful Colombo

One of the most exciting options for flight deals to exotic destinations for 2020 is Colombo, Sri Lanka. The landscapes here will just take your breath away. Israeli citizens don’t need to apply for a visa in advance, and you’ll get a 30-day visitor visa upon arrival. Once you leave the airport, you will have the opportunity to inhale the spices, colors, and culture of Sri Lanka. Include in your trip the Pettah bazaar, visit the traditional temples, and let beautiful Buddha statues impress you. The Cinnamon Gardens, with their elegant buildings and tree-lined streets, are also a must-visit. Watch the locals fly kites at the Galle Face Green Promenade. This scene is stunning at sunset when the fiery sun casts its glow across the endless Indian Ocean. 

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Flight deals to exotic destinations: Colombo
Modernity and tradition in Colombo, Sri Lanka

When you are searching for flight deals to exotic destinations with the whole family, Colombo has the Dehiwala Zoo & Gardens, which have an impressive collection of zebras, elephants, lions, tigers, and Panthers for you to meet. You can even get up close and personal with an elephant ride. Walk through the lively markets and peaceful gardens, and don’t skip the National Museum of Colombo. There are plenty of restaurants serving local cuisine and friendly bars and nightlife. Colombo will captivate your heart, body, soul, and belly. 

6. Hanoi, Vietnam – האנוי, ויאטנם

Flight deals to exotic destinations: Hanoi
Book cheap flights to Hanoi

Vietnam offers its visitors beautiful nature, fantastic culture, and fascinating history. If you are looking for flight deals to exotic destinations in a city where east meets west – Hanoi is your place! Some people even say that this is where Paris meets Asia and the medieval co-exists with modern. Walk down the narrow streets of Hanoi, where men play Chinese chess along the sides of the road. Alternatively, take a motorbike ride with a local guide. The temples are perfect for pictures as well as the tin roofs, which are mixed with tree-lined boulevards and French colonial architecture. The Perfume Pagoda is enchanting, and if you’re trip is in springtime – breath in the scent of the blossoms.

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A market in Hanoi, Vietnam
Colors, flavors, spices at the market of Hanoi

The culinary scene in Hanoi is incredible, unique, and sometimes even unusual. It’s recommended to participate in a short local cookery course so that you can make Vietnamese food by yourself. Don’t look for a fancy restaurant. The best places by far are the street markets and street vendors. Visit the night market in the old quarter where you can snack on Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup) by moonlight and forget about your problems for a few hours. 

7. Manila, the Philippines – מנילה, הפיליפינים

Flights to exotic destinations: Manila

The Philippines become more popular for travelers looking for flight deals to exotic destinations. Manila, the capital, is a vast city, expanding by the day. During World War II, it was the second most destroyed city. Therefore there’s no distinct “city center.” Instead, it is made up of many districts, each with its own personality and individual charm to be discovered. The ruins of Intramuros, the original city remain, and the stunning, Spanish-influenced architecture, is a must-see. China Town in Manila is the first one in the world outside of China. This is a perfect place for a culinary tour. Go to Divisoria, a market which is divided into two markets, one is a vast authentic street market, and the other is located in air-conditioned shopping centers. Speaking of shopping, the Mall of Asia is a huge one and recommended for the shopping part of your trip. 

8. Zanzibar, Tanzania – זנזיבר, טנזניה

Flight deals to exotic destinations: Zanzibar
Find cheap flights to Zanzibar

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful places for travelers looking for flight deals to exotic destinations for 2020. When you are planning your trip to Zanzibar, keep in mind that you’ll need to obtain a visitor’s visa for a cost of approximately $50. But it will be worth it once you visit Stone Town, the iconic capital of Zanzibar. Walk through its narrow streets and experience the craft stores, step into the art galleries, and relax at one of the coffee shops. These ancient streets will give you a cultural experience out of this world. Nungwi beach and Kendwa beach are well recommended, overlooking the tiny Daloni island and the larger island of Tumbatu. The best time for scuba diving at these beaches is July-August and February-March. 

9. Sao Paulo, Brazil – סאו פאולו, ברזיל

Flight deals to exotic destinations: Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo

Looking for cheap flight deals to exotic destinations for 2020? Find some great airfares to Sao Paulo and discover a city famous for its diverse culture and rich history. Sao Paulo is undoubtedly a city of contrasts. It is home to soaring modern skyscrapers and baroque buildings that would feel at home in Paris. Sao Paulo is influenced by immigrants from all over the globe: Portuguese, Spanish, German, African, Arab, Japanese, and Jewish people. They all came to the city and shaped its history. The Japanese immigration museum, as well as the Africans in Brazil museum worth visiting. Art lovers should go to Museu de Arte and Museu de Arte (Art Museum) Contemporânea (Contemporary Art Museum). It doesn’t matter when you find cheap flights to Sao Paulo from Israel, there are always festivals happening around the city. 

Sao Paulo at night
Stunning at night. Sao Paulo

The city of Sao Paulo is enormous, and a great way to try and understand its size is by visiting the observation deck of the 46-story Italia Building on Avenida Ipiranga. Sao Paulo is an excellent option for travelers who search for flight deals to exotic destinations with the whole family. There are plenty of Monasteries, Cathedrals, parks, gardens, and other activities. Since the city is enormous and the attractions are spread across the city, it will be tough to explore the city on foot, and you should get a metro ticket. 

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10. Male, the Maldives – האיים המלדיביים

Flights to exotic destinations: the Maldives.
Bring your snorkeling equipment. The Maldives

Many people think that the Maldives is only for wealthy people who have the fortune to spend. However, on Skyscanner, we can find you some great flight deals to exotic destinations such as Male, the capital of the islands. The best time to travel to the Maldives is between mid-November and the end of March. During this period, the waters are crystal clear, and there’s only a slim chance of rain. September-November and April-May can be rainier, but not too much and these off-season periods are cheaper, and you can find some great airfares to Male.

In Male, you can see the iconic mosques and colorful buildings. Masjid-al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam is the Islamic center which features a mosque, a library and a distinctive gold dome. Go to the harbor where you can visit the famous fish market and the produce market where you can stock up on local fruits. You can pick a resort or a guest house according to your budget, and there are even camping options. When you find flight deals to exotic destinations like the Maldives, don’t forget your swimwear and snorkeling equipment, you’ll get to see some breathtaking views underwater here!