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Flight Tracker: how to check your flight status in real time

Get your flight status with our real time flight tracker. Before you head to the airport, check the flight status at Skyscanner Israel. Whether you need to board the plane or just picking up family or friends from the airport, we’ll show how to track your flight and get the most accurate information.

How to use Flight Tracker

1. Sign up for Trips on Skyscanner app

To start using the Flight Tracker feature, you’ll need to install the Skyscanner App and set up the Trip tool. After doing so, we’ll get you all the latest schedule information as you travel from Tel Aviv or any other airport in the world. After reading this article, you’d be able to check flight status with our real time flight tracker. Are you ready to start? click on the “Trips” icon.

Set up Flight Tracker

click on the “Trips” icon

If you didn’t sign up yet, you’d be able to set up an account with us. There are several ways to do so, the choice is yours! You can either log in with Facebook, sign in with Google, or register using your email account. You have nothing to worry about, we won’t post to your network without asking and we’ll never misuse your information when you use our real time Flight Tracker.

Register to track flights

set up an account with Skyscanner
Download Skyscanner App

2. Add your next trip

Now you can create your next trip by adding a flight. Click on the green “+” sign located at the right bottom side of the app.

Create trips and check flight status

Click on the green “+”

Choose the date of your flight and then enter the airport from which you are departing and would like to track your flight. You can type in the airport code or the name of the city, our app will autocomplete it for you. For example, when you start typing “Tel”, we’ll show you Ben Gurion Intl (TLV).

Flight tracker: set up the dates

Choose the date
Flight tracker: origin airport
Select the origin

Type in the destination. For example, if you would like to track a flight from Tel Aviv to Athens, type in ATH or Athens. Now we will show you all the available flights on this route. Select the flight that you would like to track.

check flight status: destination

Type in the destination

Voila! Your trip is now saved into Skyscanner app under upcoming trips. Click on the photo of the destination whenever you want to check flight status and get the most accurate information regarding your flight.

Flight tracker: save your trip

Your trip is now saved

3. Real time flight tracker is ready to use!

We will show you everything you need to know about your upcoming flight. You can see the origin of your flight, the destination, the times of departure and landing, the terminals and the gates as soon as this information becomes available.

Follow the status of your flight
Get the terminal and gate info

Furthermore, we’ll also show you if this flight includes a free meal or if you can purchase food, we’ll also inform you if there’s an entertainment system or wifi service, and other amenities so that you know exactly what to expect with our flight tracker.

Flight tracker: check flight amenities
We’ll show you what your flight includes

Live flight tracker from your desktop

You can also stay up to date and check flight status by checking our arrivals and departure boards. We will show you the airline name, time of arrival or departure, the origin or destination, the terminal in Ben Gurion Airport TLV – 1 or 3, and the status of the flight, including delays and cancellations.

Now you’re all set with our real time flight tracker Ben Gurion or any other airport, and check flight status anywhere, anytime!

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