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How to Find Last Minute Flights from Israel in 2020

Looking for last minute flights from Israel? We’ve got you covered with low cost flights from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport and Eilat Ramon. We’ll find you cheap tickets to top destinations and show you the best last minute deals

While Covid-19 has hindered a lot of travel plans, we hope our travel content can continue to provide you with inspiration for your future journeys—so when this does pass, you’ll be ready to get back out into the world.

Here are some ideas for last minute flights from Tel Aviv and Eilat. Click the photos and start packing!

Book Last Minute Flights from Tel Aviv:

👉Here’s how to track your flight status in real time with Skyscanner

Last Minute Flights from Eilat:

👉Here’s everything you need to know about the new Eilat-Ramon Airport

How can Skyscanner find you the best last minute flights from Israel?

Whether you’re looking for last minute flights to Europe or searching for cheap tickets to an exotic destination somewhere else on the globe, we have the perfect deals for you. Search and compare low-cost flights to favorite destinations such as London, Amsterdam, and Berlin, or find cheap last minute deals on long haul flights such as New York and Bangkok.

Tip: Here’s how to find the best travel deals from Israel in 2020

Search tools and features for finding last minute flights from Israel:

Browse by month

Last minute flights

When searching for cheap tickets on Skyscanner, select “whole month” instead of specifying the dates. We will show you the lowest prices we’ve found on the web on each day of the month. In some cases changing your plans by one day can save you dozens of Dollars so that you have more money to spend on attractions and restaurants. 

Search Everywhere

Naturally, during public or national holidays, as well as school breaks, cheap last minute flights are harder to find. But don’t let that put you down, follow these simple steps, and go packing!

Last minute flights with Skyscanner Price Alerts

Trying to escape from the humidity of Tel Aviv to a Greek island next week, you can’t find cheap tickets? You don’t need to search, again and again, every single day, until the price drops. Let us work for you! Set up a price alert, and we will drop you an email whenever the price has risen, fallen, or if there is no change. Click on “Get Price Alerts,” and we will guide you through the setup. This service is entirely free, and you can change the alerts or unsubscribe whenever you want. 

Tip: One of the most useful yet underutilized tools to find cheap Skyscanner flights is our Flight Comparison Interactive Map. Ready to give it a go?

When is the best time to book flights from Israel?

We know that you’re looking for cheap last minute flights, but you should keep this one for your future bookings. We’ve evaluated flight bookings from the past two years, as well as current booking inquiries from Israel to your favorite destinations. Here you can find information on when do you have more chances to find cheap tickets from Tel Aviv. 

Can’t I just show up at the airport and book last minute flights there?

That’s a good idea if you read this article in 1996. However, the days of just turn up at the airport and ask for a standby ticket are long gone. Ever since the “Open Sky” era, most flights sell out, of which many are overbooked. You still have a chance to find yourself on the standby list if:

  • You booked a flight, and you have missed it 
  • You’ve got a ticket for a later flight but arrived early. However, it’s mainly possible in Europe and the United States, not so much in Israel
  • You’ve got friends working at the airline — but you’ll probably still have to wait

So, yeah, just turning up at the airport isn’t such a great idea anymore. Instead, use our tools and features, and maybe you’ll be lucky to find cheap last minute flights, even for tomorrow!

Find More Last Minute Flights Here 👇

Departure CityDestinationRound-Trip Fare
Tel AvivTimisoara $87
Tel Aviv Craiova $200
Tel AvivKatowice $56
Tel AvivVienna $62
Tel AvivNantes $85
Tel AvivPoznan$87
Tel AvivNew York$571
Tel AvivBerlin$87
Tel AvivAthens $90
Tel AvivBoston$544

All flight prices mentioned in this article are estimates of the lowest prices as found using Skyscanner’s flight search tool, the cheapest month for return flights from X to Y, 1 person, economy. These are subject to change and were correct at the time of writing on 28th February 2020.

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