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Lufthansa cabin baggage explained and how to maximize your hand luggage allowance

What size of a carry-on bag can I take and how heavy can it be on Lufthansa flights? How much does Lufthansa charge for checking your bags? Here’s everything you need to know about Lufthansa cabin baggage rules and restrictions, plus their allowance on hold luggage. Bookmark this article and save it - it will help you to avoid these annoying baggage fees!

Lufthansa cabin baggage allowance: size, weight, and fees

Lufthansa cabin bag size Lufthansa cabin baggage weight allowance Number of bags allowed onboard Cost to check in oversized hand luggage



8kg (17.6lbs)

1+personal item 40x30x10cm (15.7″x11.8″x3.9″)

€15 (₪63) in advance

€30 (₪126) at check-in

€45 (₪189) at the boarding gate

Lufthansa hold luggage allowance: size, weight, and fees

Lufthansa hold baggage size Lufthansa hold luggage weight allowance Number of hold bags allowed Cost of Lufthansa hold luggage

158 cm length + width + height (63″)

23kg (50lbs)

Max with excess 32 kg (70lbs)

up to 3

First bag free

Additional bags depends on the route: €75 (₪315) on European routes/North/Central American routes

€150 (₪630) on all other routes

How much hand luggage are you allowed with Lufthansa?

The maximum size of carry-on luggage is 55x40x23cm, no more than 8kg. Economy and Premium Class passengers can board with one piece of luggage while Business and First Class travelers may bring two pieces. Also, each passenger may bring a personal item with maximum dimensions of 40x30x10 cm.

How much is it to check baggage with Lufthansa?

Lufthansa flights departing from Tel Aviv include one piece of checked luggage up to 23 kg.

Are babies allowed to carry hand luggage as well?

Babies 0-2 years old have no cabin baggage allowance, but you may bring a car seat or a foldable pushchair/buggy, or a baby basket free of charge. The checked baggage allowance includes one item of up to 23 kg.

How do I get the most out of my hand luggage allowance on Lufthansa flights?

Follow these tips to make sure your cabin bags won’t incur high fees:

1. Buy a new, cabin-approved bag

Buying a new bag meaning a one-time investment for all your next flights, and when you buy a cabin-approved bag, it means that you can be sure that you won’t need to hold your breath when the check-in crew asks you to put it in the cage and test its size. Note that the maximum height allowed for Lufthansa cabin baggage is 1x5x2 cm smaller than easyJet, so if your trolley was approved on their flights, it might be rejected by Lufthansa. Think of replacing the trolley with a backpack – it has more room, no wasted space for wheels and handles, you can push everything in, and there is a bigger chance that you won’t be asked to measure it.

Different airlines, different sizes

2. Pack lightly (and smartly)

Most flights from Ben Gurion Airport operated by Lufthansa include one piece of hold baggage, up to 23 kg. The light-fares with hand luggage only are offered by the airline in Europe, and not in Israel. It means that there is no reason for you to have more than the 8 kg that is permitted by Lufthansa cabin baggage allowance. But if you go only for a weekend trip, do you really need all that? Are all those jeans and dresses really a must? Think of how much time you could save on waiting for your luggage if you travel only with a carry-on bag. You will use less than half of what you packed, so leave half of what you are planning to pack at home.

3. Wear your luggage

For Israelis, it might look like a weird suggestion, but in Europe, where most flights are low-cost, you see it more and more. It’s efficient especially during the winter when you can wear thick coats with many pockets. It’s very simple: what you wear cannot be sent into the hold, and will not incur an annoying fee. Stuff your pockets with socks, underwear, maybe the cables for your smartphone and laptop, and you will have much more space in your carry-on baggage, and you still play by the rules of Lufthansa cabin baggage.

4. Buy the extra baggage in advance

Again, on flights from Tel Aviv you already have one piece of checked luggage, so you probably won’t need any additional allowance for short trips. But if you do need it, or if you book Economy Light flights within Europe, it’s cheaper to purchase extra allowance in advance rather than at the airport: it costs €30 more when you buy your luggage at the gate.

Don't wait for the last minute

5. Upgrade to Business or become a Star Alliance Gold Member

Lufthansa cabin baggage allowance in Economy is one piece of up to 8 kg. But if you travel in Business Class, you get an allowance of two items up to 8 kg each. Also, you will get a free luggage allowance of two 32 kg bags. That’s 64 kg + 16 kg (80 kg in total!) included in your ticket. If you are a Star Alliance Gold Member, you will receive a free allowance of two bags x 23 kg – that’s 46 kg + 8 kg. That can be cheaper than sending your stuff as cargo. It’s less relevant for your weekend getaway but can save a lot of money if you move to another country with your belongings and memories. Here are our best tips for getting a free upgrade.

6. Check out the other airlines if you want to go with carry-on only

Lufthansa cabin baggage allowance is not the greatest. It’s only 8 kg, and you are forced to have checked luggage included in your ticket even if you don’t need it. For example, easyJet doesn’t have any weight restriction. Ryanair allowance includes a smaller item only, but you can check at the gate their traditional 10 kg bag for free. KLM and Air France let you carry up to 12 kg into the cabin. Check exactly what you need to take and compare offers from different airlines.

Other airlines may have better allowances

FAQ about Lufthansa luggage restrictions

What is the Economy Light fare?

Luggage is not included in the economy light fare. You can book extra allowance online when you book the flight or later, or you can do it at the airport for a fee. This fare is not available on flights to or from Tel Aviv, but you should know it in case you book flights between destinations in Europe.

Can I take sports equipment on board Lufthansa flights in Economy?

Yes. If you have a ticket with baggage allowance, you are permitted to take one piece of ski equipment, so long as it is within the weight limits of the ticket. So if you fly in Economy with 23 kg free allowance, your gear must be within the 23 kg limit.

Yes, you can take your ski equipment with you

What do I need to do if I want to take sports equipment?

You cannot just show up with your equipment at the airport. You must register it with Lufthansa at least 24 hours before departure. Contact customer service by phone and have your booking number ready.

*Published September 2017. All prices are lowest estimated prices only and are subject to change by the airline. Charges may vary if you book through an online travel agent rather than the airline direct. Always check the terms and conditions applicable to get up to date information.

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