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Ryanair cabin baggage explained: how to maximize your hand luggage allowance

What are Ryanair cabin baggage rules and restrictions and how can you avoid any last-minute hand luggage charges? Bookmark this article, so you will never be shocked at the airport’s gate

Ryanair cabin baggage allowance:

Ryanair is changing the cabin baggage allowance on all of its flights as of November 1st, 2018. According to the new cabin baggage allowance, passengers who have NOT booked priority boarding will be allowed to take only one small bag (40x20x25cm) into the cabin. Only passengers with priority boarding can bring an additional larger cabin bag (55x40x20cm) with a maximum weight allowance of 10kg. If you are a non-priority passenger and want to carry a second piece of hand luggage, you have to send it to the hold at the baggage drop-off counter for an additional charge. Here’s everything you need to know about Ryanair’s new and updated cabin baggage policy:


Ryanair cabin baggage allowance: weight, size, and fees

Ticket Type Items Allowed Size Restrictions Weight Allowance
Non-Priority Ticket One free, small cabin bag 40x20x25 cm (15.7”x7.8”x9.8”) 10kg (22lb)
Priority Boarding: costs €6 (₪25.30) at booking or €8 (₪33.70) at any point up to 40 minutes before the flight)

One small cabin bag

One larger bag such as trolley

40x20x25 cm (15.7”x7.8”x9.8”)

55x40x20cm (21.6”x15.7”x7.8”)

10kg (22lb)

10kg (22lb)

Ryanair hold luggage allowance: weight, size, and fees

Baggage Type Cost Size Restrictions Weight Allowance

Small Trolley

up to one per passenger

At booking: €8 (₪33.70) 

If added Online up to 40 minutes before the flight: €10 (₪42.20) 

At the drop-off counter: €20 (₪84.30)

At the boarding gate: €25 (₪105.40)

40x20x25cm (15.7”x7.8”x9.8”)

10kg (22lb)

Checked Baggage

up to three items per passenger

At booking: €25 (₪105.40)

If added Online up to 2 hours before the flight: €40 (₪168.60)

81x119x119cm (31.8″x46.8″x46.8″)

20kg (44lb)

Ryanair offers exceptionally cheap flights, but sending luggage to the hold can be expensive, sometimes more than double than the cost of the ticket. Follow these tips to make sure you get around the Ryanair cabin baggage allowance without any problem.

How much hand luggage is you allowed with Ryanair?

As of 1st November 2018, Ryanair’s flight ticket includes only one small carry-on item. The maximum size is 40x20x25cm, and it must fit under the seat in front of you. Examples include handbags, laptop bags, and small backpacks.

Can I take a larger item into the cabin?

Yes, for a fee. You can purchase Priority & 2 Cabin Bags during the booking process for a fee starting at €6 (₪25.30). You can also add it later up to 40 minutes before departure for a higher charge of €8 (₪33.70). The additional bag must not exceed 55x40x20 cm; 10 kg; and it must fit into the baggage sizer.

How strict is Ryanair with carry-on baggage?

Only passengers with Priority & 2 Cabin Bags and Flexi tickets are allowed with two bags into the cabin. Ryanair is known to be strict, and with the updated cabin baggage policy it’s not about to change.

Can I take a backpack on Ryanair’s flights?

As long as it fits the dimensions, you can. If it exceeds it – you will have to check it and send it into the hold.

How much is it to check baggage with Ryanair?

From 1st November 2018, non-priority customers can purchase a 10kg Check-in Bag for €8 (₪33.70) during the initial flight booking, or €10 (₪42.20) if added online after booking up to 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. The 10kg trolley must be given at the airport bag drop desk before entering security. If you purchase the second bag at the drop-off counter, it’ll cost you €20 (₪84.30) or €25 (₪105.40) at the boarding gate.

If you need a larger allowance, you can purchase a 20 kg check-in bag. The fee is €25 (₪105.40) during the initial booking and €40 (₪168.60) if you add it later. This charge varies depending on the route and travel dates selected. A €10 (₪42.20) supplement on price during peak travel periods, such as Christmas, Easter, Summer. You can purchase up three checked bags of 20 kg.

Are babies allowed to carry hand luggage as well?

There is no cabin baggage allowance for infants sitting on an adult’s lap, but you can bring a baby bag up to 5 kg in addition to your own cabin bag. Infants over the age of 1 sitting in their own seat have a free 10kg baggage allowance as well as a small second bag. You can also carry two items of baby equipment free of charge per child.

Are additional items allowed?

Medical equipment such as dialysis machines is permitted on board. Footballs and other inflatable sports equipment are also allowed, but these must be partially or fully deflated before boarding.

How do I get the most out of my hand luggage allowance on Ryanair flights?

Follow these tips to make sure your cabin bags won’t incur high fees:

1. Don’t forget your handbag

Unlike many other airlines, as of November 1st, 2018, Ryanair allows only one small carry-on bag at no extra charge. If you arrive at the airport with a standard trolley only – you’ll have to check it in and send it into the hold. In the smaller bag, you can pack your laptop, chargers, money, and other valuables that must not leave you at any stage. Even if you are a priority passenger, the smaller bag allows you to pack more stuff and save money on sending larger items into the hold.

Don’t forget your handbag

2. Buy the official Ryanair cabin bag

Different airlines have different hand luggage restrictions. Many stores sell “cabin approved” bags that fits most major airlines. However, easyJet cabin approved size it not the same as Ryanair’s. So if you want to be sure that no one will ask you to place your bag in the cage to measure it, just buy Ryanair cabin baggage approved bags from its website. You can buy a small bag, a larger one, a cheaper or more expensive trolley – it’s your choice. The suitcases are made by American Tourister and Samsonite so you can be sure that the quality is excellent. Ryanair promises that these bags are absolutely sure to fit, once it does not exceed the 10 kg cabin bag weight restriction.

3. Arrive at the airport early

Are you one of those people who is sitting while looking at the people who are standing by the gate? Well, those who are already standing have a better chance to board with their bags, just because they are in front of you. Priority Boarding passengers have the first access to the overhead lockers, and after them – it’s whoever comes first, gets the remaining space. Being first meaning also that you can sit and relax first, and have the time to make your seat feels like First Class.

Arrive early at the airport

4. Pick and choose Ryanair extras

Ryanair is known for offering a ticket with cabin baggage only, and you can purchase the add-ons that are important to you. Some of these add-ons include priority boarding, which means that your carry-on bags will be with you in the Cabin. You can purchase Priority Seats with extra legroom on the first row for €15 or Priority Seat with standard legroom for €13. Alternatively, you can select Priority Boarding for an additional €6 per passenger per flight. These rates can vary depending on the route and seasonal sales.

Purchase priority boarding

5. Go travel-size

With the current regulations in the EU, all liquids and creams cannot exceed the size of 100 ml. Because of that, there is a broad range of products offered in miniature size, such as shampoo, sunscreen, hair straightener, deodorants, body lotions and much more. You can also buy empty mini-bottles and feel it with the products you use at home and reuse it on your next flight. This way you won’t need to add dozens of Euros (meaning – hundreds of Shekels) to send your luggage into the hold. Just remember that to fit Ryanair cabin baggage regulations (and all other airlines flying to and from the EU) – you must place all these products in one resealable bag no larger than 1 liter.

Buy mini-bottles

6. Be a Plus

If you want to be completely worries-free, buy a Plus ticket. Here is an example: a flight from Tel Aviv to Rome on 13 November 2018 costs €49.25 (*searched on 17 October 2018, ₪207.60). If you add €34.89 (₪147) for a Plus fare, you get priority boarding, a reserved seat, and a 20 kg checked baggage allowance. In addition to the Ryanair cabin allowance – you can be (almost) sure that you will breeze through the gate to the plane. Oh, and you can check in 60 days prior to your flight. If you pay a total of €95.96 (₪404.50) for this flight, you also get flexible tickets; airport check-in is free if you forgot to check in, fast track where available, and a priority seat.

7. Pool your (checked) baggage

There is nothing like a vacation with your significant other, or with a friend. The new Ryanair cabin baggage allowance includes only two small items. If you need extra space, you can purchase a checked baggage allowance. You can either share one piece of luggage, or you can buy two items and divide the total of 40 kg anyway you want, as long one piece doesn’t exceed 32 kg.

Find a friend to share your luggage with

8. Check the competitors

Ryanair cabin baggage allowance is not as generous as it used to be. EasyJet has no weight restriction for hand luggage, and they still allow a standard trolley on board. Moreover, it’s larger than Ryanair’s cabin bags: 56x45x25 cm.

*Published October 2018. All prices are the lowest estimated prices only and are subject to changes by the airline. Charges may vary if you book through an online travel agent rather than the airline direct. Always check the terms and conditions applicable to get up to date information. Exchange rate EUR-ILS may change.

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