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11 of the Best Beaches in Eilat

You can’t visit Eilat without visiting at least one of its beautiful beaches. Dive with dolphins, relax under the sun, and have a drink at the best beaches in Eilat

Eilat, the most southern city in Israel, is situated by the stunning Gulf of Eilat. You can’t travel to Eilat without visiting at least one of its beaches and dive into the blue waters. Whether you simply want to lounge and relax by the water or have some water sports activities, Eilat is the city for you. There is only 14 km of beaches in Eilat, but they are all unique and different from each other. Some are full of activities and others peaceful and far from the bustling crowd. Here are Skyscanner Israel recommendations for the best beaches in Eilat.

1. Princess Beach (Hanesicha) – חוף הנסיכה

One of the best beaches in Eilat for snorkeling

Just before the border with Egypt, you can find one of the most beautiful beaches in Eilat. Princess Beach, Hof Hanesicha, is probably the best beach for snorkeling in Eilat. The entrance to the water is marked by ropes and buoys. This wild beach is part of the Coral Beach Nature Reserve. Two bridges are passing the coral reef so that you can easily cross it and dive into the water without damaging the gift of nature. You can rent snorkeling equipment, there’s a cafe where you can buy some food and snacks, and there are also sunbeds for your convenience. Although it’s not an official beach and there are no lifeguard services, the beach is clean and has toilets and showers. Add to the mix free parking and get one of the best beaches in Eilat.

2. Dolphin Reef – ריף הדולפינים

If you are looking for a unique experience by the water, pack your swimwear and head to the Dolphin Reef. Here visitors can enjoy the magical atmosphere and stunning views of this secluded beach. You will have the fantastic opportunity of meeting and observing dolphins in their natural habitat, and it definitely makes not only one of the beaches in Eilat, but also in the world. You can watch a group of “bottlenose” dolphins during their daily routine of hunting, playing, courting and socializing, and chasing boats. A guide explains about the dolphins several times per day, and you can sit on the floating piers with your feet in the water, waiting for the dolphins to approach you.

Best beaches in Eilat

The entrance fee is ₪69 for adults and ₪48 for children age 3-15. There’s a bar-restaurant by the beach as well as “stalbet” area for adults only. You can book extra activities such as snorkeling and diving with dolphins, or hydrotherapy at the relaxation pools. Booking in advance grants a free entrance to the beach. Even the peacocks and silkies (תרנגולי משי) who walk freely among the vacationers agree that the Dolphin Reed is one of the best beaches in Eilat.

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3. Dekel Beach – חוף הדקל

Dekel Beach

This beach offers its visitors a relaxed atmosphere, friendly and very dynamic staff, and a free entrance. The team that operates Dekel Beach believe in different types of hosting, delicious foods, and ​funky drinks. Try the Dekel Cocktail with vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry, and orange juice. This is one of the best beaches in Eilat for families and couples with an area for children, a Bedouin tent, and a floating tanning raft. Dekel Beach Eilat allows a comfortable and safe walk up to the waterline on a boardwalk. Visitors can use chairs and parasols free of charge. Alternatively, you can rent a tanning bed for ₪15 accompanies by a free drink. Deckel Beach has clean showers and toilets, and there’s plenty of parking free parking.

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4. Coral Beach Nature Reserve – שמורת חוף אלמוג

Diving at Coral Beach

The coral beach offers one of the most beautiful marine reserves in the world. It’s one of the best beaches in Eilat for snorkeling with some stunning views. A colorful garden hides beneath the waters of the Red Sea. A vast variety of unique creatures and fish can be seen here. There’s easy access to the reef, as well as essential beach services, including clean showers and toilets.

Near the shore, there are wading pools. These are shallow pools in which toddlers can paddle. Bridges built over the reef, offering safe access to the eastern side of the reef that faces out to sea. You don’t have to be a professional diver. Just put on a diving mask and snorkel and let the stunning underwater views to take your breath away. Snorkeling equipment can be rented at the beach. The entrance fee for adults is ₪35, children pay ₪21. There are special rates for students, seniors, and groups.

5. Mosh Beach – החוף של מוש

Mosh Beach. Slow service, great food

A few years ago, the artist Mosh Ben Ari invested in this unique beach with several partners. This piece of land is just what you would imagine if Mosh was a beach – shanti, shanti, and more shanti. You can spend a whole day of relaxation from sunrise to sunset, just take your time. The staff will definitely take theirs. What makes it one of the best beaches in Eilat is the views, the quality of the food, and the stunning drinks.

The restaurant and bar are eco-friendly, so there are no fish and meat dishes, and the drinks are served without straws. If you are in a hurry and just want to grab a quick drink – this is not the place for you. A long time can pass between the time of asking for the bill until you actually get it. We got it only after four requests. Tip: if you say “either give me the bill or I’ll leave without paying”, you’ll get it within seconds. Besides that, the number of beautiful people coming to Mosh Beach confirms: this is one of the best beaches in Eilat.

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6. Electric Company Beach Eilat – חוף חברת החשמל

While it doesn’t have the most appealing name, Electric Company Beach is one of the best beaches in Eilat. This beach offers its visitors any kind of attraction that you can think of. Bananas, paragliding, boats, Crazy Shark, Jet skis, Windsurfing, Pedal boats, Sapp – just name it. Alternatively, you can just spread your towel relax, enjoying the magnificent view of the Edom Mountains. There are open showers and chemical toilets, parasols and chairs are free of charge. You can bring your own food or purchase something to eat at the snack bar. Plenty of free parking is available for your convenience.

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7. Migdalor Beach – חוף המגדלור

Migdalor Beach. One of the best beaches in Eilat

One of the best beaches in Eilat for relaxing with a glass of beer is Migdalor Beach. Located 8 km from Eilat’s center, Migdalor beach is the perfect gateway from the bustling beaches of the north side of the city. This beach is not too busy and has clean water. It is excellent for walking into the water to see the Marine life without having to swim out far. You can bring your own food or buy some refreshments at the local bar. Beach chairs, beds and diving equipment are available so that you can get up every now and then for snorkeling sessions around the reef.

8. Dan Beach – חוף דן

Dan Beach Eilat

If you are less into sand and stones, you’ll find Dan Beach as one of the best beaches in Eilat. The beach is built entirely from wooden platforms with sunbeds spread across it. Although it’s located by the Dan Hotel and operated by it, Dan Beach is open to the public free of charge, even if you are not a guest of the hotel. For ₪12 you can rent a sunbed for the day. This fee is waived for the guests of the hotel. Despite the bustling surroundings, the beach maintains a detached and elegant ambiance.

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Northern Beaches – החופים הצפוניים

Eilat north beaches

The southern beaches are the best beaches in Eilat, but if you want to stay close to the hotel area, there are some great options in the north of the city as well. Avenue Beach is located in the proximity of Mall Hayam. It’s perfect for those who want to sit on a comfortable chair, looking at the sea, and eat some delicious food including fresh fish. 9 Beach is a lounge-bar located on the north beach area with several types of sitting areas. The location of Herods Beach at the end of the hotel’s promenade makes it one of the best beaches in Eilat as well. It’s isolated and calm, but there’s no restaurant or bar. You can rent a sunbed for ₪12 per day.

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