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How to find cheap flights to Dakar

Although there are no direct flights to Senegal, finding cheap flights to Dakar is easy when using the smart search engine of We’ll search hundreds of online travel agents and airlines and show you the lowest prices that we have found via stopovers, usually operated by airlines such as Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, Iberia, and Turkish Airways.

To increase your chances to find cheap flights to Dakar search don’t specify exact dates for your trip. Instead, search “whole month” and discover the lowest prices offered for every day of the selected month. It can cut your costs significantly. Set up a Price Alert, and we’ll notify you by email whenever the prices change. You can sign up for multiple alerts and cancel it at any time; it’s all free of charge.

Dakar Airport

All flights to Senegal arrive at Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS), located near the town of Diass, Senegal. It serves as a new airport for Dakar. You can reach the city by bus. Line 1 and 2 connect the airport with several hotels. You can book your ticket and pay for it via an app. 200 taxis are serving the airport. You can book a ride via the app, call center, or at the reception located at the airport. Compare car rental options on Skyscanner car rental.

When to go to Dakar?

The busiest time for tourists is The winter, December-February since the temperatures are enjoyable with 26-27 degrees. It brings Europeans from their frozen countries to the sun. It rarely rains, which makes it a desirable destination. From March to May the temperatures are even cooler, 24-26 degrees on average and it doesn’t rain. Since tourism is low during these months, it’s recommended to search cheap flights to Dakar during this season. From June to October, the average temperature is 30 degrees, but August and September are the rainiest months of the season with 10-14 days of rain per month.

What to see and do in Dakar?

Book cheap flights to Dakar and discover one of West Africa’s main travel hubs. Dakar is a lively and intense city with fantastic nightlife, beautiful beaches, and plenty of gorgeous colonial buildings. If you’re interested in history and culture, you’ll find plenty in Dakar. The Ile de Goree, where slaves were transported to the Americas, is well worth a visit as is the IFAN Museum of African Arts.

Go to Les Mamelles (translates to breasts, in French), these are two hills that overlook the Cap-Vert peninsula. It will give you a stunning overview of the Atlantic, the city, and the bronze statue Le Renaissance Afriquaine, the Renaissance Monument, which celebrates the end of European rule - it’s taller than the Statue of Liberty.

There are plenty of music events, local life to explore, and eating options. From the second you wake up in the morning until night time, you can find good food on every street corner: grilled fish skewered and mafé rice, for low prices, much cheaper than Israel.

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This information is correct as of February 2018

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