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Discover the Best Restaurants in Eilat

Discover the best restaurants in Eilat and make your vacation even better. Here's where to have a stunning breakfast or dinner and where to grab a drink. Forget about your diet plans, it’s time to stuff your belly!

Eddie’s Hide-A-Way – המחבוא של אדי

Eddie's Hide-A-Way
The signature dish of Eddie’s Hide-A-Way

Many people would consider Eddie’s Hide-A-Way or “Hamachbo” as the best restaurant in Eilat. It is definitely a culinary landmark in the southern city. Eddie’s was established in 1979 in a small, not the best neighborhood in Eilat. Eddie and his wife, Batia, believed that their food will bring people to this hidden place. Therefore it was called “Hide-a-way”. The original restaurant was set on fire. Ashley, Eddie’s son, reopened the restaurant in a new location with old classic dish accompanied by new tastes and flavors. And yes, the famous Dijon steak is still on the menu!

Eddie’s Hide-A-Way is favorite among visitors as well as locals who are looking for a stunning meal in one of the best restaurants in Eilat. There are different kinds of meat, fresh fish, and pasta. There’s a good selection of wines and beers as well as excellent cocktails for a fun night out. You can always ask the staff for recommendations, these people are attentive and helpful. Not too hungry? Have a seat by the bar and nibble on some starters while sipping a glass of wine.

Address: Hamasger 2
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 18:00-23:00, Friday 17:00-00:00, Saturday 14:00-23:00. Closed on Sundays.

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Hamivshala (The Brewery) – המבשלה

Hamivshala. One of the best restaurants in Eilat
Hamivshala. One of the best restaurants in Eilat

Established only in 2015, Hamivshala quickly became a top spot and one of the best restaurants in Eilat. Tomer, Nathan, and Jacob open the first local brewery in Eilat. Their first brew was a total failure, but they came up with an idea. Instead of trashing it, they left it a bit longer to test what happens. And guess what? It was stunning. Hamivshala is divided into two sections: the restaurant and the brewery. You can watch the brewing, making, and bottling process. The staff will serve you with six different beers to taste so that you can order the one you liked the most. The service here is excellent and friendly, and the ambiance is unique. Whether you want to relax with your friends and a couple of beers or stuff your belly with some delicious food, Hamivshala is definitely one of the best restaurants in Eilat

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Address: HaOrgim 2, Industrial Area Eilat
Opening Hours:12:00-01:00 daily.

Whale – לוויתן

The north beach area of the city is a little tricky when searching for the best restaurant in Eilat. There are too many tourist traps and you may end up paying a lot of money for mediocre food. Whale restaurant is different in that scene. The owners of Whale believe that food relates to every aspect of our life – family, friends, pleasure, sadness, happiness, and sorrow. Whale’s menu offers something to any taste. Stuff yourself with a burger or try the fresh seafood. There’s a large selection of starters as well as main dishes. The great food, the fantastic ambiance, and the friendly service make it all one of the best restaurants in Eilat.

Address: Herods Palace Eilat Hotel, Ha-Yam 6
Opening Hours: Sunday-Friday 19:00-22:00, Closed on Saturdays.

Pastory – פסטורי

Ideally located between Neptune and Cesar hotels, Pastory is a magical Italian garden. Diners who love Italian food with the essence of Tuscany would probably agree that Pastory is competing for the best restaurant in Eilat title. The menu includes seafood, fresh fish, top quality meat, a wide selection of starters, and naturally pasta. Staying true to the Italian cuisine, Pastory makes their own pasta including whole wheat and gluten-free pasta. The kitchen is open to the restaurant hall so you can see how your dish is being cooked for you. What makes it one of the best restaurants in Eilat? The fantastic atmosphere, the tremendous service, and of course, the delicious food.

Address: Tarshish 7
Opening Hours: 13:00-23:00 daily

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La Cuccina – לה קוצ’ינה

Located on the Royal Promenade at the north beach, La Cuccina offers a great location by the Red Sea. Once you come closer to the restaurant, you can start smelling garlic and olive oil. This is not the typical restaurant with one big hall and many many tables and chairs. La Cuccina is divided into different sections with each having its own character. There’s a living room area where you can sit with the whole family. Come with your partner and have an intimate evening at one of the romantic corners. Alternatively, enjoy the sea view from the terrace. There’s a large variety of pasta, meat, fish, and seafood. Everything is made fresh with authentic Italian spices and flavors. Another aspect which makes it one of the best restaurants in Eilat is the selection of wine and professional service.

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Address: Royal Beach, Royal Promenade, north beach area.
Opening Hours: 13:00-17:00; 18:30-23:00 daily

Branja – ברנז’ה

Branja. One of the best restaurants in Eilat for breakfast
Branja. One of the best restaurants in Eilat for breakfast

Kfir and Gal testify that when they opened Branja, they were thinking of a place for every type of customer. A place where you can treat yourself to a beautiful dinner, or just grab a bite in the middle of the day. There’s a decent selection of main courses such as chicken liver and Schnizel, the salads are flavorful and rich, or you can nibble on several dishes from the Mezze Menu. However, what earns a spot on the best restaurants in Eilat list for Branja is its breakfast menu. Choose between the typical Israel breakfast Eilat-style, feel international with Croque Madame, or try the Eggs Branja. Yes, Shakshuka is also on the menu. And the best part: breakfast is served here all day, so you don’t need to wake up early and be disappointed at 12:01 like too many other places!

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Address: Derekh Yotam 9
Opening Hours: Sunday-Friday 10:00-01:00, Saturday 17:00-01:00

Barbeach – ‘ברביץ

Barbeach. Offers one of the best views in Eilat
Barbeach. Offers one of the best views in Eilat

If location is the only thing you care about, then Barbeach is the best restaurant in Eilat. You can’t get an any better view than here. It’s definitely not the typical tourist trap kind of bar that you can find in many other locations across the globe. The terrace goes into the Red Sea, and you can enjoy the breeze even on the hottest day. If you are here at sunset, you are guaranteed to enjoy the stunning view of the sun reflects on the red mountains in Jordan, before it disappears behind the mountains of Eilat.

It is the perfect place to come with friends and order a few starters to share. There are also delicious main courses, and the staff will cater your gluten-free needs too. Barbeach is another excellent spot for a wonderful breakfast, and the prices are reasonable. There are several kinds of wine and 12 different beers to satisfy any taste and to lock its place in the best restaurants in Eilat list.

Address: near Coral Beach
Opening Hours: Sunday-Friday 8:30-18:00, Saturday 8:30-20:00.

Lalo – ללו

Visitors who are looking for a portion of real local food, away from the tourists will find Lalo as the best restaurant in Eilat. Lalo is an established institution which serves authentic Moroccan cuisine. This is not the place for a fancy dinner, but if you want to grab lunch while wearing a tank top and flip flops, this is the place for you. The menu includes traditional couscous, meatballs, meat dishes, and fish stews. The value for money adds another reason to include Lalo in the list of best restaurants in Eilat, as well as the large portions of this flavorful food. You can order a takeaway or use the delivery service. If the place is not packed, you can also sit in and absorb the unique ambiance of Eilat.

Address: Hahorev 7
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12:00-17:00, Friday 12:00-15:00, closed on Saturdays.

Wide Heart – הלב הרחב

Wide Heart
Wide heart

The Wide Heart restaurant has a unique story in Eilat’s history. Back in 1978, when Eilat was just a small town at the end of Israel, Momi Bendahan decided to open a falafel stand. With the help of his family and his wife Bathsheba, they opened the restaurant at Solel-Boneh center. The new family-owned business had no name but had fantastic food. The unnamed restaurant had a unique service. The guests came, received an empty pita bread, and they could fill it as much as they want with whatever they want. Thanks to the generous portions, the locals started calling it הלב הרחב – wide heart, which became the restaurant’s name. Momi passed away in 2006 and his sons preserve the brand and its unique atmosphere, making sure it’s still one of the best restaurants in Eilat to this day.

Address:  Heil HaHandasa 6
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12:00-00:00, Saturday 20:30-00:00, Closed on Fridays.  

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Messi Bar – בר מסי

After all this beautiful food at the best restaurants in Eilat, it’s time to party! Most visitors go to the promenades of the north beach area. It’s understandable since nothing can compete with the Red Sea view. However, if you want to get the real Eilat experience and party with the locals, Messi Bar is the best bar in Eilat. Relaxed atmosphere, friendly bartenders, great music and drinks, can anyone ask for more? There’s a large selection of beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails, and the prices are reasonable.

Address: Derekh Yotam 1
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 21:30 to last customer, closed on Mondays.

Three Monkeys Pub – פאב המאנקיס

It’s hard to believe that there’s a single Israeli person who hasn’t hears of the Monkeys pub. It’s definitely a great place to grab a drink after dinner at one of the best restaurants in Eilat, mainly if it’s located by the north beach. There’s a large indoor area with live performances or DJs, or you can sit outside and enjoy the evening breeze. The outside area goes all the way to the beach, a perfect setting for the best cocktails in town. At the Monkeys, you can also get some delicious food with lots of meat, great salads or sandwiches, and excellent desserts. This pub is packed with local and international tourists, but it’s definitely not a trap.

Address: Royal Promenade
Opening Hours: 20:00-03:00 Daily.

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