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Weekend Getaway: What to Do in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam - אמסטרדם is the perfect city for a weekend vacation. Find the must-sees, what to do, the canals, and coffee shops. Find cheap flights to Amsterdam and pack your bags!

1. Anne Frank House

This is probably the number 1 not-to-miss attraction in Amsterdam – אמסטרדם. Everybody knows the heartbreaking story of the Jewish teenage girl and her family who forced to hide from the Nazis during World War II. Many of us watched some documentaries, learned about it in school, but we all know about her famous diary. In this house, it all happened. The exhibits here are the small human details. You’ll still find posters on the walls of Anne’s bedroom, and see the pencil marks on the wall where she and her sister Margot were measured to see how much they’d grown. One part of the museum is dedicated to the original hiding places in the rear building. Another section shows various permanent and special exhibitions about the historical background. You will also get the opportunity to take a look at the world-famous diaries of Anne Frank. 

2. Museumplein – Museum Square

Take a photo at I amsterdam - אמסטרדם
Take a photo at I amsterdam

A trip to the Museumplein is a must especially on your first trip to Amsterdam – אמסטרדם, if only to take a few snapshots in front of the famous “I amsterdam” logo. In this area, there are several museums worth a visit, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Here you can find the largest collection of Van Gogh’s work. Also, you’ll get a very personal insight into the artist himself through letters and drawings displayed. The museum displays famous paintings like The Potato Eaters and Sunflowers. 

3. The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam - אמסטרדם
The Royal Palace in Amsterdam – אמסטרדם

“Paleis op de Dam”, the official name of the Royal Palace, was only used as a town hall at the time of its creation in the 17th century. Only in 1939, the palace became the property of the Dutch royal family. The interiors of the magnificent building are usually accessible to tourists, and it’s worth it to see the echoing Citizen’s Hall with its mythical marble sculptures. Thanks to its special location on the central main square Dam, the sightseeing of the Royal Palace can be ideally combined with a shopping tour through the pedestrian areas Nieuwendijk en Kalverstraat. 

4. Canal Cruise

Pedal the canals of Amsterdam
Pedal the canals of Amsterdam – אמסטרדם

Tired after a long sightseeing tour? Why not relaxing on one of the numerous tourist boats? Take a ride through the famous Amsterdam canals. From the water, you can get a completely different perspective of Amsterdam – אמסטרדם. The boat operators will be happy to give you some insider information and great tips. During the cruise, you will pass the unique houseboats, the bridges, the magnificent townhouses, street markets festooned with flowers, and coffee shops. Another great option is to rent a canal-bike, a pedal boat, and pedal along the narrow waterways of Jordaan district. 

5. Relax at one of the parks


Vondelpark is a great place to escape the crowds in the middle of Amsterdam – אמסטרדם. Take a stroll along the small ponds and lakes, and you will surely find a quiet spot. The terraces of the surrounding cafes invite you to linger under the sun. Particular highlights at the Vondelpark include the free open-air summer theater, which attracts locals and tourists alike with varied performances from June to August. Vondelpark is just beyond Museumplein. Look out for waterfowl as well as squirrels, parakeets and plenty of sheep. There are plenty of kids’ play areas, while adults can settle in for drinks at De Vondeltuin.


If you want an alternative favorite by the locals in Amsterdam – אמסטרדם, Westerpark is the place for you. You’ll find here everything you need for a relaxed afternoon: nature, water, green trees, and bars. Unlike Vondelpark, at Westerpark, you are also allowed to barbeque.

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6. Visit one of the impressive churches in Amsterdam

Oude Kerk

The oldest church in the Dutch capital is located in the middle of the legendary Amsterdam Red Light District. Oude Kerk dates back to the 13th century, but it’s no longer a worship place. Now it presents art exhibitions and hosts cultural events. If you have some time after visiting the Oude Kerk, stroll through the adjacent red-light district and soak up the notorious flair of the sinful area.


Westerkerk is a very impressive church with an 85-meter high church tower. Already several hundred years ago, the tower served as a viewing platform to warn in time of fires and other dangers. Now you get a stunning view of Amsterdam – אמסטרדם.

7. Cycling in Amsterdam

Cycle your way in Amsterdam - אמסטרדם
Cycle your way in Amsterdam – אמסטרדם

Amsterdam is the world capital of cycling. The bustling streets, lanes, and squares of אמסטרדם are best explored on two wheels. It will allow you to explore the city like a true local. The locals have no fear of rain, and they commute on bikes even when it rains. Cycling has been promoted in the Netherlands for decades, and Amsterdam has a vast network of bicycle lanes, bridges, and tunnels to ensure a safe ride. Signposts and traffic signs offer you an orientation on the bike lanes, and you often have the right of way at crossroads as cyclists. Ride along the canals and over the many bridges, discover the countless sights and stop off in one of the numerous cafés. Indeed impressive sight is the world-wide unique bicycle ramp at the central station, which offers a place for 7,000 bikes!

8. Cycle to Durgerdam

If you rent a bike for the day, why not cycling to Durgerdam? It’s a small town just outside Amsterdam – אמסטרדם, and it’ll take you 30-40 minutes to get there by bike. There are a few spots for swimming and lots of green. If you are not in a mood for cycling, it’s worth taking public transport or your car rental to enjoy the sights here. 

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9. EYE-film museum

EYE-film museum is the film institute of the Netherlands. This museum is dedicated to the dynamic art of film in all its forms. The museum’s collection comprises more than 40,000 works of all genres and offers a fascinating insight into the history of the moving image. EYE-film explores the creation of international filmmakers in changing exhibitions. Also, there’s a permanent exhibition “Panorama,” which highlights the collection are shown, and the history of the film for adults and children equally entertaining and educating. 

10. Hannekes Boom

Hannekes Boom is a lively beer garden underneath a bridge. You can sit outside or inside, by the waterfront or on the roof. It offers a great atmosphere and some beautiful views too! The place is packed but at the same time, never too busy. The food is good, the vibes are inviting, the music is excellent, and you can always start a conversation with a stranger. 

11. Chug some Heineken Beer

The first Heineken brewery started this magic back in 1864. You can wander around and ask staff questions along the way, but if you really want to bring the experience to life, have a guided tasting tour. You will taste five different beers, with complimentary cheeses and bitterballen – Dutch tapas. Proost!, that’s לחיים in Dutch. 

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12. Say Cheese!

Have some Dutch cheese in Amsterdam
Have some Dutch cheese in Amsterdam – אמסטרדם

Since we’ve mentioned cheese, it’s time to remind you that Amsterdam אמסטרדם is undoubtedly a city that knows its cheese. The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store is an unbeatable place to get your Dutch cheese and you can even book a cheese tasting. 

13. Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Walkthrough the old botanic gardens which contain over 6,000 tropical and indigenous trees and plants. The greenhouse dates back to 1638, a perfect place to watch butterflies. The gardens are colorful, and if you are lucky enough to visit on a sunny day, you should hang here the by exotic plants. You can also book a guided tour with the garden experts. 

14. Spoil yourself at Spa Zuiver

If you are looking for luxurious relaxation, visit Spa Zuiver in the Amsterdamse Bos. You can sweat up in the saunas, inundate yourself in one of the aroma baths or whirlpools, swim in the pool, and breath in the clean forest air. There are package deals such as an all-inclusive spa day with a beauty treatment, massage, and some treats at the restaurant. 

Important Info about Amsterdam

Country 🇳🇱the Netherlands – הולנד
Currency 💶Euro
Currency exchange 💸1 EUR ~ 3.90 ILS (on 09.08.2019)
Flight time from TLV Airport4:55 hours
Average temperatures in July-August 🌞13-21
Average temperatures in December-February ⛄0-8