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Edmonton Departures Information

Whether you're a resident of Edmonton looking to travel outside the region or visiting the city for business or leisure purposes, you'll want to stay apprised of EIA arrivals and EIA departures information. Delays can occur during air travel, so it is best to know ahead of time so that you can adjust your plans if needed. This can be easily done using an online application made for your smartphone or by going online and viewing the airport's website. Edmonton is serviced by three major International airlines. Therefore, it will be easy to check on your American Airlines flight status, Delta flight status, or Air Canada flight status.

As you prepare to leave for the airport, check the table above to see if your flight is scheduled to depart on time. You can also find out if your scheduled flight is coming from another location. This is important data to know because many YEG departures originate elsewhere and stop in Edmonton as a connection. If you can see that your plane has departed its original location, then you'll know it's on time and your trip is going as scheduled. Checking EIA departures information is almost as simple as booking your ticket online.

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Edmonton Arrivals Information

If you live in close proximity to the Edmonton airport, chances are that you will occasionally be called upon to pick up a passenger. To check on EIA arrivals, simply check the information above by clicking on arrivals. From there, you can scroll down to the airline and flight to determine if it is on time, delayed, or canceled.

YEG arrivals occur throughout the day and night, so delays can certainly enter into the equation. By checking the American Airlines flight status, Delta flight status, or Air Canada flight status, you can better plan your journey to the airport. The facilities at the airport itself can certainly accommodate a wait in relative comfort.

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Pick up and drop off at Edmonton airport

Many people today opt to just drop off or pick up a passenger without ever going inside the terminal. Others enjoy going inside to give one last send off or people watch while waiting for an arriving passenger. Whatever your preference is, it is relatively convenient to either pick up or drop off a passenger at Edmonton International Airport.

If you are just dropping off a passenger, there is a curbside drop-off area that is conveniently located outside the EIA departures level. Keep in mind that Canadian security won't allow you to leave your vehicle unattended, so only use this option if you will be saying your goodbyes in the car. If you wish to accompany your guest inside the YEG departures hall, you can park in the adjacent parking lot. You will be able to leave your car there for up to 10 minutes free of charge. Note that there are six different entrances to the EIA departures area, so you might want to check which one services your guest's airline before leaving for the airport.

Picking up a passenger at the airport is extremely convenient. If you are reasonably certain that your passenger has arrived and is ready to get in the car, there are numerous curbside parking spaces located directly outside the YEG arrivals hall. You will just park and make note of the parking stall that you have entered. Once you have picked up your passenger, you will enter your space number electronically upon exiting the airport. At that point, you will pay a nominal fee depending on how long you were inside the EIA arrivals hall.

If you'd rather not park at all, there is also a mobile phone waiting area located at the JetSet Parking lot. You may park there for free and wait for your passenger to call to indicate that they are ready to be picked up. At that time, you will then go curbside to the YEG arrivals hall and pick up your passenger.

How to get to and from Edmonton airport

The airport is located about 18 miles south of the downtown area. The drive to the airport takes roughly 30 minutes from the downtown area and about 2 and a half hours from Calgary. If you'd rather not drive, there are multiple public transportation options for you to use. The Edmonton Sky Shuttle is perhaps the most popular option and is available for both arriving and departing flights. The shuttle will take you to major hotels and other destinations throughout the city. There is also an extensive bus system departing from the airport that will link up with other shuttles as well. There are coaches departing twice daily to Calgary. The Edmonton Transit System has express service between Edmonton International Airport and the Century Park LRT Station.

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