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10 Best Things to Do in Eilat With Kids

Looking for the best things to do in Eilat with kids? In the sea, on the mountains, and around the desert, we’ve gathered the best kids’ attractions in Eilat for an unforgettable family vacation

1. Dolphin Reef – ריף הדולפינים

Kids from the age of 8 can dive with the dolphins

Dolphin Reef Eilat is one of the best attractions for kids. This is a unique ecological site which allows visitors to observe dolphins in their natural habitat. You can watch a group of “bottlenose” dolphins during their daily routine of hunting, playing, courting and socializing, and chasing boats. A guide explains about the dolphins several times per day, and you can sit on the floating piers with your feet in the water, waiting for the dolphins to approach you. There are also scuba diving sessions for an intimate encounter with the dolphins. Any child above the age of 8 can participate in the diving activity. If you are looking for unforgettable things to do in Eilat with kids – take them to the Dolphin Reef.

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2. The Underwater Observatory Marine Park – המצפה התת ימי

One of the most recommended things to do with kids in Eilat

One of the best things to do in Eilat with kids is exploring the underwater life. At the Underwater Observatory Marine Park, you will enter the natural kingdom of the Red Sea, a very recommended and unforgettable experience for children. Over 800 species of fish, coral, sharks, mollusks, stingrays, turtles, and many other animals from the Gulf of Eilat can be seen here.

The observatory tower is situated in the middle of the sea, with neither fences nor cages. Visitors can enjoy the view of the Red Sea with its bright colors, tones, and marine life. The tower halls are submerged at a depth of 12 meters under the sea so that you can experience a natural view of the coral reef spectacular beauty through huge plate glass windows. Take your kids and the whole family to the underwater observatory marine park and watch sharks feeding, turtles feeding, pearl opening shows, and much more.

3. Timna Park – פארק תמנע

An oasis in the middle of the desert

Timna Park is a beautiful site that has something for everyone at any age. This park is popular with families who are looking for things to do in Eilat with kids. Located just 25 km away from Eilat, Timna Park offers its visitors to explore the desert wildlife, rock formations, history, and geology. There’s also a lake with pedal boats, a unique experience in the middle of the desert. Traveling to Timna Park with your kids can also be a great activity for the first or last day in Eilat.

4. Hai Bar National Biblical Wildlife Reserve – שמורת טבע חי-בר יוטבתה

Things to do in Eilat with kids: Hai Bar

On the way to Eilat, some 35 km to the north, you can find the Hai Bar National Biblical Wildlife Reserve. It’s a modest zoo where you can see animals that used to be native to the Negev region. If you are looking for things to do in Eilat with kids, drive through the safari and take a look at the animals roaming freely. Don’t forget to have your smartphone camera ready, just in case an Ostrich will knock on the car’s window!

5. The Botanic Gardens of Eilat – הגן הבוטני של אילת

A jungle in the desert

Did you know that Eilat also has Botanical Gardens? This is another excellent activity for the whole family. The botanical gardens here are unique, beautiful, ecological, and organic. There’s no wonder how it earned its place in the list of most recommended things to do in Eilat with kids. The garden is built in authentic Biblical style with streams, waterfalls and, the jewel in the crown, a “rain forest” in the middle of the desert! There are seating areas where you can sit back and relax, surprising trails, and fantastic viewpoints that will take your breath away. For example, you can enjoy the stunning views of the Red Sea and the Moav Mountain range. Guided tours are also available for booking, and there are more activities for all ages.

6. Ice Mall – אייס מול

Ice mall is a perfect activity for Eilat with kids

Need to chill with the children at the warmest city in Israel? Visit the Olympic skating rink at the center of Ice Mall. This stunning rink covers an area of about 1,800 square meters, and hosts figure skating performances every evening for the mall visitors. But not only the ice rink makes Ice Mall one of the best things to do in Eilat with kids. This large complex includes more than 25 activities, such as laser tag, airsoft shooting, footpool, max flight, and even a 7-D cinema! The attractions operate until 22:00 on weekdays and 23:00 on Saturday, so you can come and cool down after a full day under the sun.

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7. Diving or snorkelingצלילה או שניקרול

Introductory diving from the age of 8 in Eilat

Before anything else, Eilat is famous for its beaches and unique coral reef. You can spend day after day at the beach, any beach, and your children will love it. But why not upgrading their vacation and give them an unforgettable experience? Of course, they cannot register for diving courses like adults. However, many diving schools offer introductory dives, suitable for children from the age of 8 years old. No prior experience is necessary! If you are looking for things to do in Eilat with kids, but you are on a budget, simply rent snorkeling equipment and swim together around the reef. You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic quality time together, surrounded by colorful sea creatures.

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8. Adventure Rope Park – פארק החבלים

Ready for some action in Eilat with your kids?

The rope park offers a unique experience in the heart of the desert for those who are looking for thrills between the mountains and the sky. This attraction is one of the most fun things to do in Eilat with kids. There are zip lines, climbing, walking over six meter high bridges, and more. The Family track has a moderate difficulty track, but there’s also a more challenging track for the adventurous types. A professional instructor will guide you through the safety rules, then you’ll get all the gear you need and information on how to operate it. The next step is to try your skills on a unique demonstration tool. If everything is fine, the guide will give you a bracelet which allows you to enter the park and start enjoying the real thrill.

9. Spiral Park – ספירל פארק

Looking for things to do in Eilat with kids that will bring your adrenalin up? Spiral Park Eilat what you are looking for! The Crazy Carousel orbits around itself and “flies” from side to side to a height of 11 meters. At the Falling Tower, you climb to a height of 20 meters, overlooking the whole Gulf of Eilat before you fall down rapidly. Don’t be afraid to scream, you won’t be the only one! Horses Marygoround is a romantic, high-quality carousel brought directly from Italy. This is a great, fun activity for children and adults. The spiral park is open daily from 17:00 to midnight, and offers a spectacular view, especially after sunset.

10. Red Canyon – הקניון האדום

Things to do in Eilat with kids: the Red Canyon

A trip to the Red Canyon is not only one of the recommended things to do in Eilat with kids, but a great activity for the whole family. The Red Canyon is located around 20 km from the city. The red Nubian Sandstone has been sculpted over many years by water and wind, transforming the Canyon walls. Along the track, you’ll come across handrails and ladders to help you descend quickly and safely. Most of the trail is being inside a shaded river channel. However, it’s essential to take a hat and enough water. You don’t want to be stuck in the desert and the heat of Eilat without it! The trail is relatively short and easy to hike, making it friendly for children. The views from the canyon and from the cliffs are incredible and will make it one of the best days of your vacation in the area.

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