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10 simple ways to make you feel like a First Class traveler even if you fly Economy

Flying Economy? It doesn’t have to feel as cheap as your ticket fare. We’ve got ten tricks for you to make economy flights feel like First Class, even if you fly with a low-cost airline!

1. Take a good travel pillow

Forget about folding your jacket and make it a cushion, don’t use the free pillows that you get on long-haul flights, and ditch the inflatable supporter you bought for ₪10 from a Chinese website. A top quality travel pillow can make the difference between a stiff neck at the end of the flight and be waking up full of energy after a good sleep.

Invest in a good pillow to support your nack

Invest in a good inflatable travel pillow that you can squash it flat and fit it easily in your carry on bag. Look for travel pillows specially designed for a good neck support, such as horseshoe shapes that circle around your neck. Lumber cushions are suitable for those who suffer from back pain. Using it on your next flight will help you fall asleep and make you dreaming you’re flying First Class.

2. Buy an inflatable foot rest

Most people think only about their neck, but inflatable footrest raises your feet, which helps circulation and it can reduce the risk of swelling and joint pain. Since it’s inflatable, it won’t take too much space in your carry on luggage just like the pillow for your neck. You can search for it online and buy it from companies and websites that ship to Israel. With this item, there is no chance you won’t feel like a First Class traveler.

3. Move seats

Before you get too comfortable in your assigned seat, look for free seats. Sometimes at the end of boarding, you can see that whole rows are empty, and hey – who wants to share his armrest with a total stranger? You can lift both armrests and lie down, or at least have a lot more extra space for your legs. Keep your attention high and ask the flight attendants if you can move, before anyone else grab these seats. Who knows, if you do it nicely enough, maybe they will upgrade you to the real First Class, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming!

4. Gourmet with treats from the Duty-Free – Do It Yourself style

Let’s admit it – plane food is not really impressive, and if you fly low-cost you have to pay for it anyway. So why not purchase some luxury food items at the Duty-Free and make your meal by yourself? You can add special chocolates as a desert and buy sparkling wines from the cabin crew, and have a toast up in the air. This little treat will make you feel like a First Class passenger at a fraction of the cost of a First Class ticket.

Buy luxury food at the Duty-Free and pretend it's first class dining

If you treat yourself on your return to Israel with alcoholic drinks, your maximum duty-free allowance is two liter of wine and up to one liter of any other alcoholic beverages. When you depart from Ben Gurion Airport, you are allowed to bring a duty-free bag to the cabin and boost your carry on allowance. You should check with your airline if it’s allowed on the return flight too, it depends on the airport’s regulations. Note that on flights from Europe and the US you can take in your carry on luggage bottles of up to 100 ml. Anything bigger than that must be sent to the hold.

5. Invest in good earplugs or headphones

Other passengers can easily ruin your adventure, and a peaceful flight can quickly become a nightmare. Buy good quality noise-cancelling headphones. Yes, they are not cheap, but you can use it at the gym, on the bus, while walking on the street, and of course – during the flight. Instead of suffering from a crying baby (or even worse – babies), a loud chatty neighbor, or the noise of the engine, relax with your favorite music. If you want complete silence for a better sleep, bring excellent quality earplugs that will help you to imagine that you are sitting on the other side of the First Class curtain.

6. Choose your seats wisely

If you don’t want people who visit the toilets frequently to interrupt you, choose a window seat. If you are that person who goes every five minutes to the toilet, aim for an aisle seat. If you fly low-cost, it might be worth it to pay extra money for those seats. Otherwise, there’s a chance that a middle seat will be assigned to you on purpose.

Several airlines let you choose exit rows seats for free during the check-in period. You will enjoy the extra legroom, but some of those seats don’t recline. Then the best seats are in the row behind them since the passenger in front of you can’t invade your space.

7. The bright side of darkness: a good sleeping mask

Some airlines give free sleeping masks, but they are not always comfortable. These masks can be too small and they are not adjustable. Consider investing in a good sleeping mask that can block the light and let your eyes have a good rest. Don’t go for the cheapest one and choose a soft one that doesn’t push on your eyelids. This way, your sleep will be deeper and you can keep dreaming about your First Class experience.

Bring a good sleeping mask

How to sleep on long-haul flights:

People tend to tire themselves out before long flights, but it can be a big mistake, big, huge. Boarding overtired can make a bad situation even worse. Rest normally before your flight; there is a good chance that your eyelids will fall during the flight. If you feel that you are about to fall asleep, that’s your cue to get your pillow, foot rest and sleeping mask out of your hand baggage. Wear your mask and earplugs, and see you at landing.

8. Bring your own blanket

For some people, flights can be chilly even in summer. Some airlines provide a limited amount of blankets, but they may run out of it by the time you have managed to ask the flight attendants. If you fly low-cost, you can usually buy one, but it can be of a cheap quality and too thin. Why not purchase a cashmere lightweight blanket? This extra few Shekels will be useful and give you a touch of First Class luxury. Here’s a carry on allowance hack: buy a shawl that can double as a cover – if you’re wearing it, it won’t count in your hand baggage allowance!

9. Bring comfy slipper socks

Many people take their shoes off once they boarded. It frees your feet for the next few hours and feels more natural and comfortable. Bring your slipper socks that will allow you to walk around the plane comfortably. On some flights, the airlines provide free socks, but they are often too thin and not your size.

10. Pamper yourself with lotions and potions

Bring some luxury toiletries that can give you a touch of First Class trip. Just to name a few examples: face spritz, eye drops for tired or red eyes, under eye gel or serum, moisturizer, face wipes, lip-balm, and of course a toothbrush and toothpaste. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water; it will keep your skin moisturized.

Pamper yourself with luxury toiletries

If you are flying from the EU or the US there is a limit of liquids and creams that you can take onto a flight:

Liquids in your hand luggage cannot exceed a total of one liter and must be in containers of no more than 100ml. All of these containers must be placed together in a resealable plastic bag, which measures approximately 20cm x 20cm. Liquids and creams include drinks, perfumes, creams, gels, pastes (including toothpaste) and cosmetics, yes – it includes lip gloss and mascara. Rules may differ at other international airports, and on flights from Tel Aviv you might be allowed to carry more than that, but if you want to play on the safe side, assume that these rules apply from any airport.

Tips on taking liquids into the cabin:

Either collect empty small toiletries bottles from hotels you stayed at or buy travel-sized miniature bottles and build up a stock of these bottles. Before your flight, you can fill it with shower products, and quickly put it in your plastic bag. It is essential that you do so on flights from Europe unless you want to say goodbye to your favorite lotion during the security check.

If you take any liquid medication, you are allowed to board with larger quantities, but it must be labeled with a prescription in your name. There are no restrictions liquids in your hold luggage.

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