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British Airways baggage allowance explained

find out what the British Airways cabin baggage allowance is and what their fees are for hold luggage, plus how to beat the airline charges!

British Airways cabin baggage allowance: weight, size, and fees

Number of bags allowed onboardCabin bag sizeCabin baggage weight allowance Cost to check in oversized hand luggage
2 bags per passenger: one cabin bag and one handbag or laptop bag

British Airways cabin baggage allowance includes duty-free purchased at the airport

Children under 2 allowed 1 cabin bag
56x45x25cm (22″x18″x10″)


40x30x15cm (16″x12″x6″) for the additional small bag

45x36x20cm (18″x14″x8″) on flights to/from Brazil

23kg (51lbs)
each bag

Free of charge if your cabin bag meets BA regulations and flight is full

Check British Airways website to find out the cost for your particular route

Checked baggage allowance: weight, size, and fees

Ticket typeSizeWeightNumber of bags
Economy Basic0
Economy Standard90x75x43cm (35.5″x29.5″x16″) 23 kg (51lbs) 1
Premium Economy90x75x43cm (35.5″x29.5″x16″) 23 kg (51lbs) 2
Business Class90x75x43cm (35.5″x29.5″x16″) 32 kg (71lbs)2

How much hand luggage are you allowed with British Airways?

The maximum size of carry-on luggage is 56x45x25cm, up to 23 kg. Also, each passenger may bring a personal item with maximum dimensions of 40x30x15 cm, such as handbag or laptop bag, no more than 23 kg. That’s a total of 46 kg!

How much is it to check baggage with British Airways?

British Airways offers cheaper Economy Basic tickets with hand luggage only. Sending luggage to the hold at the airport may cost up to $130 per bag. You can purchase an Economy Standard, it includes 1 checked bag. These tickets are $40 more expensive per person per flight, considerably cheaper than being surprised at the gate. Premium Economy tickets include 2 x 23 kg, and Business Class includes 2 x 32 kg. 

Are babies allowed to carry hand luggage as well?

Babies 0-2 years old are allowed one cabin bag for items required during the flight, a maximum of 23kg, and up to 56x45x25cm.

British Airways Baggage Allowance

How do I get the most out of my hand luggage allowance on British Airways flights?

Follow these tips to make sure your cabin bags won’t incur high fees:

1. Check your hand luggage dimensions

While British Airways cabin baggage allowance is very generous by weight, you still need to make sure that your bag is not too big. It would be a shame if your suitcase will be sent to the hold because of an extra cm while its weight is still within the allowance. Remember that the size permitted includes handles and wheels. Not sure if your old trolley is in the right size? Go to the store and find “cabin-approved” suitcases and rucksacks. 

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2. Grab a guarantee

British Airways allow two bags on board: a larger one such as a trolley, and a smaller one such as a backpack. Like many other airlines, BA can’t promise that your cabin bags will make it into the overhead lockers, meaning – if the flight is full, they might send your larger bag into the hold. It’s free of charge, but you’ll have to wait for it at the baggage carousel. But British Airways does guarantee your smaller bag will be taken on board, as long as you attach one of their yellow tags to the bag. Make sure to place all your valuables, medications, important documents, passport, laptop, and keys in the guaranteed bag. 

3. Shop around for a British Airways Fare Deal

British Airways cabin baggage allowance is the same in all classes: one bag of up to 23 kg plus an additional personal item. The difference is in the hold luggage. All flights to or from Tel Aviv include free allowance, except for Economy Basic with carry-on only. If your ticket is Economy Standard, your allowance is one piece of up to 23 kg, but if you upgrade to Premium Economy, it’s doubled to 2 pieces up to 23 kg each. Sometimes the fare difference can be as little as $14, much cheaper than adding extra luggage to your booking. 

4. Each centimeter counts

British Airways baggage allowance
Every cm counts!

The British Airways cabin baggage allowance is bigger than Ryanair’s dimensions by 5×5 cm, that’s 25 more cm for your belongings to carry on board. Of course, British Airways is more expensive, but you get full service onboard, and a very needed extra space and weight for your hand luggage. 

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5. Join the club

British Airways’ Executive Club sounds fancy, but the membership is actually free. You will start at the basic Blue Tier, in which you’ll automatically start to collect Avios, the airline’s version of reward points. Whenever you purchase anything on British Airways or its partners’ flights, you collect points to progress to the next level. 

You can pay with Avios for upgrades on your next flights, and you can create a Household Account and combine your Avios with others, including your children, to get rewards faster. Make it to the Bronze Tier (300 Tier points on BA and partner flights), and you’ll start getting perks like priority check-in and boarding as well as being able to select a seat a whole week before you fly, instead of 24 hours in advance. Silver Tier (600 points) comes with extra luggage allowance. In comparison, the Gold Tier (1,500 points) pretty much guarantees you a First class experience. 

6. Fly with another airline

It’s tough to beat British Airways cabin baggage allowance, even other traditional airlines such as Lufthansa (55x40x23 cm, 8 kg) or EL AL (8 kg) don’t even try to compete with it. But easyJet doesn’t have any weight restrictions, as long as you can store your bag in the overhead bins by yourself. 

FAQ about British Airways luggage restrictions

What is British Airways checked baggage allowance?

While the British Airways cabin baggage rules are the same for all passengers, the checked luggage allowance depends on the route you’re flying and the type of your ticket. British Airways offers free checked baggage on all flights from Ben Gurion Airport, except for Economy Basic fares. Economy Standard passengers have one item up to 23 kg, Premium Economy travelers have two pieces up to 23 kg, and passengers in First Class have two items up to 32 kg each. Economy Basic have hand luggage only.

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Can I bring sports equipment or musical instruments on British Airways flights?

You can bring sports goods like diving equipment and tennis rackets as long as it’s within the size and weight restrictions of 56x45x25 cm and 23 kg. Otherwise, you may be requested to pay an overweight/oversized bag charge.

A bicycle is allowed if it’s up to 190 cm in length and packed in a bicycle bag. The tires must be deflated and pedals and handlebars fixed to minimize width. 

Additional items such as guitars are allowed as hand luggage if they fit the above size restrictions. If you give 24 hours notice before departure, British Airways will try to accommodate larger and heavier musical instruments, as long as it’s not over 45 kg, and up to 190x75x65 cm.