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easyJet Baggage Allowance: Save Money on Hand Luggage

Low-cost airlines' fees can be tricky! Here's Skyscanner guide with the most updated restrictions of easyJet cabin baggage, plus valuable tips on how to avoid paying extra charges at the airport:

easyJet cabin baggage allowance: size, weight, and fees:

easyJet cabin bag size easyJet cabin baggage weight allowance Number of bags allowed onboard Cost to check in oversized cabin baggage
56x45x25cm (22″x17.7″x25″)

Flexi, Upfront, Extra Legroom, easyJet Plus can carry an additional bag of 45x36x20cm (17.7″x14.1″x7.8″)
No weight restrictions 1 + 1 duty-free bag £40 (₪181.80) at the check-in desk 

£50 (₪227.30) at the gate 

easyJet hold luggage allowance: size, weight, and fees

easyJet hold baggage size easyJet hold luggage weight allowance Number of hold bags allowed Cost of easyJet hold luggage
Up to 275cm (108″)15 kg (33lbs)

23 kg (51lbs)

32 kg (71lbs)
Up to 3 items of hold luggage per passenger £6.99-£34.99 (₪31.80-₪159)

£9.49-£37.49 (₪43.10-₪170.40)

£12 (₪54.50)  per each 3 kg

* Information correct as of December 2019.

** GBP to ILS conversion rate as of 30 December 2019.

What is easyJet Cabin Baggage Allowance?

easyJet baggage allowance

Each person can take ONE bag on board. The maximum size of carry-on luggage is 56x45x25cm, including handles and wheels. There’s no weight restriction, as long as you can place your bag in the overhead lockers. 

Can I upgrade my easyJet Baggage Allowance?

If you are Flexi, Upfront, Extra Legroom customers, or have the easyJet Plus card, you can bring an additional under seat bag like a laptop bag or handbag no larger than 45x36x20cm. 

How much does it cost to check baggage with easyJet?

When it comes to easyJet Baggage allowance, there’s a range of options to fit your needs:

  • 15 kg – for a short break costs £6.99-£34.99 (₪31.80-₪159).
  • 23 kg – the standard bag costs £9.49-£37.49 (₪43.10-₪170.40). 
  • 32 kg – for those who take the whole house. You will pay £12 per 3kg (₪54.50).

The maximum size of each bag is 275cm (length+width+height). If you’re traveling with friends or family on the booking and flight, you can pool your total weight allowance, as long as none of the bags weigh more than 32 kg. 

Are babies allowed to carry hand luggage as well?

Hand Luggage Allowance for infants
Hand Luggage Allowance for infants

If you’re traveling with an infant who will be seated on your lap, only an additional baby changing bag is allowed for the infant, size 45x36x20cm. If you have purchased a seat for your baby, they will be granted a cabin bag plus a changing bag. For every infant or child, you can take up to two of the following items free of charge: travel cot, pushchair, double pushchairs, buggy, car seat, collapsible or non-collapsible pram, booster seat, baby back carrier.

How can you save money on easyJet baggage allowances?

Paying to check your hand luggage at the airport can be quite expensive. We’ve collected several suggestions for you to make sure you don’t pay easyJet baggage charges. 

1. Buy a new cabin bag

easyJet baggage

You have purchased cheap flights to London, Paris or Berlin, you arrive happily at the airport, and then they tell you at the gate that your old trolley doesn’t meet the size restrictions. Now you have to pay Airport Checked Luggage Fee. It will cost you an extra £40 (₪181.80) at bag drop desk and £50 (₪227.20) at the boarding gate, sometimes more than the cost of the flight itself! Invest your money in a new bag that will fit easyJet cabin baggage restrictions and go to the airport stress-free. 

💡 Tip: check the restrictions of other airlines you are flying with, find which one has the smallest baggage allowance, and buy a bag that will serve you on all of your flights. 

2. Measure your old trolley

As long as your carry-on luggage doesn’t exceed easyJet cabin baggage allowance, you can carry on with whatever bag you have used until now. Don’t panic if they ask you to send it to the hold. Sometimes the flight is just too crowded, and there is not enough space for it in the cabin. 

If the plane is full and you are among the last to arrive at the boarding gate, they might tell you, “Sorry, there is no more room; it’s going to the hold.” Just make sure to take your laptop, keys, and money out of your bag before bidding it farewell. You will not be charged for the luggage being sent to the hold, but you will have to wait a few extra minutes in the baggage claim area. On your return flight to Tel Aviv, you will probably need to pick up your purchases from the Duty-Free, which will take a minute or two anyway. 

💡 Tip: easyJet has space for up to 70 trolleys on board. If you want to guarantee that your hand luggage will remain with you on the flight, arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before departure. Board the airplane promptly once the process begins and don’t wait for the last moment. 

3. Pack light for your vacation

easyJet Baggage Allowance
Don’t pack the whole house!

Put everything you plan to pack on your bed. Now put at least a third of it back in your closet. Check with your hotel or hosts if there’s a hairdryer available so that you don’t have to pack your own. Inquire about complimentary toiletries – sometimes they even include shaving cream and body lotions. It’s also cheaper to buy these at your destination and leave them behind at the end of your trip. Take enough underwear and t-shirts and cut on pants and dresses. If you roll everything before packing, there’s more chance it’ll fit into your luggage and easyJet baggage allowance restrictions. 

4. Wear your luggage

Yes, Israel is hot, and you don’t need your coats and jackets most of the year. But many destinations in Europe are often colder, especially during the winter when it gets below freezing on the Continent. You can stuff all of those big pockets in your jacket with small items like rolled shirts, underwear, and socks. It will help you to pack a suitcase with everything you need, without exceeding easyJet cabin baggage allowances. You can also buy designated wearable jackets with large pockets, even sleeveless for warmer seasons. Ok, you won’t be the most stylish person at the airport, but you will save enough money to buy new stylish clothes on your vacation. 

5. Become a member, buy FLEXI or Up Front

If you are a frequent flyer to easyJet’s destinations from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport TLV, join easyJet Plus. For an annual fee of £215 (₪977.70), you get the following services:

  • A free choice of seat including Upfront and Extra Legroom;
  • Dedicated bag-drop counters with shorter lines;
  • Fast-track security where available;
  • Speedy boarding;
  • Additional smaller bag (no bigger than 45x36x20cm) that you can take with you.

Not a frequent flyer? Buy a FLEXI fare. It costs more than a regular seat, but your cabin baggage allowance will automatically increase and allow you to bring the extra smaller bag. You can also spend a few more Shekels on an Up Front seat or extra legroom seats. These seats are in the front of the cabin and next to the emergency exit doors. With these seats, you are entitled to the extra easyJet baggage allowance, with a second smaller carry-on bag. You also get speedy-boarding, so you are guaranteed to have space in the cabin for your luggage.

6. Travel Hands-Free

Instead of dragging with your larger cabin bag at the airport, you can check it at the bag-drop counter for £7 (₪31.80). Remember, the maximum size of the bag is 56x45x25cm, and it must fit in the baggage sizer. Hands-Free travel allows you to take a personal item with onboard, such as a small backpack or a laptop bag. 

7. Just check your bag

Don't fight it, send it to the hold!
Don’t fight it, send it to the hold!

If you have a longer vacation or you’re traveling to a cold destination that requires massive outfits, sometimes it’s better to admit that easyJet cabin baggage allowance is just not enough for your needs. Don’t be one of those annoying passengers who block the aisle while trying again and again and again to stick their bag into the overhead locker. 

8. Choose another airline

While easyJet cabin baggage allowance is reasonable compared to both low-cost and legacy airlines, there may be other options more suited to your needs. easyJet is one of the very few airlines that have no weight restrictions on hand luggage, but we all know that there is only so much you can stuff into one bag. 

Compare other airlines flying to your destination and check if they include a free baggage allowance. It also may be cheaper to have a non-direct flight with an airline that allows you free checked baggage. All you have to do is be creative, do a little research, and compare.

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