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Wizz Air Baggage Explained: How to Maximize Your Hand Luggage Allowance

What size cabin bag can you bring on Wizz Air flights? How much does it cost to check a bag in? Find everything you need to know about Wizz Air baggage allowances. Keep these tips handy so that you can avoid unexpected luggage fees before your next flight!

Wizz Air hand luggage allowance: weight, size, and fees:

Ticket Type Items Allowed Size Restrictions Weight Allowance
Non-Priority One free, small cabin bag 40x30x20cm (15.7×11.8×7.8″) 10kg (22lb)
Wizz-Priority costs ₪20-₪138 at booking or at least ₪79 at the airport One small cabin bag
One larger bag such as trolley
40x30x20cm (15.7×11.8×7.8″)
55x40x23cm (21.6″x15.7″x9″)
10kg (22lb) each

Wizz Air hold luggage allowance: weight, size, and fees:

Wizz Air hold baggage size Wizz Air hold luggage weight allowance Number of hold bags allowed Cost of Wizz Air hold luggage
55x40x23cm (21.6″x15.7″x9″)
10kg (22lb)
1 ₪36-₪225 
149x119x171cm (58.6″x46.8″x67.3″) 20kg (44lb) Up to 3 online plus 3 more at the airport ₪59-₪328
149x119x171cm (58.6″x46.8″x67.3″) 32kg (70lb) a total of 6 per passenger ₪83-₪431

* Information correct as of December 2019.

** Prices in ILS were taken from Wizz Air website on 30 December 2019.

How much hand luggage is included in Wizz Air baggage allowance?

Wizz Air flight ticket includes only one small carry-on item. The maximum size is 40x30x20cm, and it must fit under the seat in front of you. For example, you can take with you into the cabin handbags, laptop bags, and small backpacks. 

Can I take a larger item into the cabin?

Yes, but you will have to pay some extra money for it. You can purchase Wizz Priority at the booking process for a fee of ₪20-₪138, depending on the destination. You can also buy it at the airport for a charge of ₪79. The additional bag must not exceed 55x40x23 cm and 10 kg, and it must go into the overhead locker. It can be a trolley or a backpack. As long as it fits the baggage sizer (including wheels and handles) – it’ll be allowed.

How much is it to check bags with Wizz Air baggage policy?

  • 10 kg: Non-priority customers can purchase a 10kg Check-in Bag online for ₪36-₪186 in low season and ₪51-‎₪225 in high season. You must check your bag at the drop-off counter, before proceeding to security. 
  • 20 kg: You can also purchase the traditional 20 kg Wizz Air baggage. Depending on the destination, you’ll pay ‎₪59-‎₪265 in low season and ‎₪83-‎₪328 in high season). 
  • 32 kg: Still not enough for you? Purchase 32 kilograms in advance and pay ₪83-‎₪352 low season / ‎₪119-‎₪431 high season. 

What is Wizz Air Baggage allowance for babies?

Wizz Air Baggage Allowance for Infants
Wizz Air Baggage Allowance for Infants

You are entitled to carry baby accessories on board, excluding pushchairs, foldable strollers, and cribs. Prams and pushchairs shall be checked in with other baggage and will be sent free of charge.

How do I get the most out of my hand luggage allowance on Wizz Air flights?

Follow these tips to make sure your cabin bags won’t incur high airport and gate fees:

Wizz Air Baggage Allowance
Wizz Air Baggage Allowance

1. Pay Wizz Air baggage fees in advance

Wizz Air cabin baggage allowance means that even if you are on your way for a short weekend away, you won’t be able to fit everything into the small free bag, but you’ll need a “classic” trolley or a larger backpack. For a fee of ‎₪20-₪138, you can travel with two items and be worry-free at the airport.

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2. Purchase WIZZ Priority

In addition to the small bag, you will be allowed to board with a second larger bag up to 10 kg and 55x40x23cm. It also means that after landing, you won’t need to wait by the baggage belt for your belongings. WIZZ priority costs ‎₪20-₪138 online or through the Wizz Air Call Center. If you just show up with it at the airport – the price starts at ‎₪79, but there’s a good chance that there will be no more space available. This fee is non-refundable, but it has several more benefits, such as being called first for boarding. When boarding by bus, you will have a seat in a dedicated section at the front. The door of the bus in your section will be opened first.

3. Buy luggage

Wizz Air Baggage Allowance
Buy Baggage Allowance

Need more space or saving room for shopping? Consider buying a larger allowance. Wizz Air baggage policy includes three options to meet your needs. The most popular one is the 20 kg allowance. It costs ₪59-‎₪265 in low season and ‎₪83-‎₪328 in high season if you buy it online. Higher fees apply if you do so at the airport. As always, it’s better to purchase extra baggage allowance in advance; otherwise, you’ll pay ₪40 per kg.

4. Wear your luggage

This method is becoming more popular in Europe, and if it works for them, it can work for Israelis too! It’s efficient, especially in winter, when you can wear thick coats with many pockets. What you wear cannot be sent into the hold, meaning – no annoying fees! Instead of wasting precious space in your suitcase, stuff your pockets with socks, underwear, even the cables for your smartphone and laptop can fit in there. You might not be the most fashionable person on the flight, but it’ll save you hundreds of Shekels!

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5. Join the Wizz Air discount club

Usually, low-cost airlines don’t offer frequent flyer programs. But Wizz Air offers a membership for only ‎₪159 a year (or ‎₪319 a year for a group of up to six people). You will get at least a €10 (‎₪40) discount on every flight. You will also get at least €5 (‎₪20) discount for hold luggage when you purchase online. Also, you will gain access to exclusive premium sales offered for members only. The discount on your first round-trip flight can be as high as the annual membership!

6. Compare Wizz Air baggage allowance with competitors

Similarly to Ryanair, Wizz Air reduced its free baggage allowance. However, there are still airlines with better hand luggage offers. For example, easyJet still allows a standard trolley on board. Moreover, it’s larger than Wizz Air cabin bags: 56x45x25 cm, and it has no weight restriction and long as you can lift it without help.