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When to book cheap flights from Israel in 2018

Always wondered when the best time to book cheap flights from Israel is? We’ve got the tool that reveals when you can get tickets for the lowest price!

Knowing the best time to book flights can be tricky, but we’ve evaluated flight bookings from the past two years, as well as current booking inquiries from Israel to your favorite destinations.

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Take advantage of our brand new interactive Best Time To Book tool and discover how long in advance you should book your flight tickets or during which month you can find cheap flights to your next vacation or business trip.

How to use our tool to find cheap flights

Skyscanner’s interactive tool lets you choose the route you are interested in and then calculate exactly how much you can save compared to the average price by booking a certain number of weeks in advance. The Best Time To Book Tool also shows which months are the cheapest and most expensive to travel. Using this tool below is simple and easy:

  • Choose your departure location (currently we only have Tel Aviv) and a destination from the list.
  • Choose whether you want to check the number of weeks to book in advance or to see which month is the cheapest and the most expensive to travel.
  • Hover over the bars to see how much cheaper or more expensive it is to book tickets to the selected destination.
  • Click on the green button below to find cheap flights for your chosen route!

Find The Best Time To Book Flights

Best time to book flights to top destinations:

Destination Departure Best Time To Book Best Month To Travel Examples of Airlines that fly this Route:
Amsterdam Tel Aviv 12 weeks before departure January Turkish Airlines
Athens Tel Aviv 18 weeks before departure February EL AL Israel Airlines, Alitalia, Aegean Airlines
Bangkok Tel Aviv 17 or 21 weeks before departure May or June Royal Jordanian, Air France, British Airways
Barcelona Tel Aviv 21 weeks before departure January or November Lufthansa, EL AL Israel Airlines, Aeroflot
Berlin Tel Aviv 24 weeks before departure January easyJet
Bucharest Tel Aviv 24 weeks before departure February Wizz Air, Israir
Larnaca Tel Aviv 6 weeks before departure January TAROM, arkia 
London Tel Aviv 17 or 21 weeks before departure January easyJet, Wizz Air, Pegasus Airlines
Madrid Tel Aviv 16 or 21 weeks before departure January or February Air Europa, LOT, SWISS
New York Tel Aviv 20 weeks before departure February Delta, United, Alitalia
Paris Tel Aviv 24 weeks before departure January or November transavia, KLM
Tokyo Tel Aviv 23 weeks before departure May or June IberiaAlitalia

*Best time to book is based on two years’ worth of historical Skyscanner flight booking data from 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2017. Price data is based on return economy adult fares. While we can’t predict the factors that may impact flight prices in 2018, we have looked at a wealth of data to enable us to identify clear patterns that we would expect to be replicated in future years. These results should be considered as a guide for travelers, and while we have identified the average flight prices and the best time to book, there will never be one date where it can guarantee that flight prices will be at their cheapest.

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